Scavenger - OZ

This is a Responsible Froth jar from our mates over the ditch at Scavenger. If you are an instagram user, click HERE to connect. We love this ingenuity - just gets the job done. It’s a reusable, returnable, refundable coffee cup, and it’s a good reason why single-use disposables should be a thing of the past🌻 made of 100% recycled material 🌻 recycled neoprene sleeve keeps your coffee hot 🌻genuinely sealable AKA can be plonked in a bag to be drunk later without worrying whether it’s leaked (or where you’ll get another coffee from🙈) 🌻 At $5, it is by a long margin the cheapest reusable on the market, and as inventor @lucky__roland has been shouting about, a “bloody no-brainer!!!” 🌻 CHOOSE TO REUSE!

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