Something To Consider

When a single-use cup tells us it is made from plants, or that it is compostable, what it doesn't bother to mention is that it is made primarily from trees. And not trees from Aotearoa, because single-use coffee cups aren't made in here. So now we have that information as a starting point, we can really begin to consider the footprint of throwaway cups. 

Keeping in mind ALL the time that they are used for 4/6 minutes and that accessible alternatives exist, like dine-in, Use Your Own, borrow from a mug library, or simply refuse to use them. 

Consider the wasted land use in growing the trees for a single-use item, the energy (fossil fuels) and water required to turn trees into pulp into cups, the additional process of lining them (another story for another day), then the continuation of fossil fuel use to transport them to New Zealand. Single-use can not be sustainable, is never circular. And benefits no one except for packaging, transportation, and fossil fuel companies. Time to simply Use Your Own Cup? And head over to to make it official...

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