Something To Consider

This week I overheard a stranger say to another stranger "I really love your top, you look great." You could tell the person accepting the compliment was absolutely over the moon and blown away by those simple 8 words. They had a small conversation, and both people continued fruit shopping with a smile on their dile.

This morning, two eldery ladies who I pass every morning on my dog walk, stopped. One of them, looked at me and said "Now, I haven't stopped and chatted with you recently, how are you?"

My friend changed jobs this month, and had a large pile of (stained, old, and grubby) work shirts to get rid of. I told him to give them to me; I couldn't bare to see them end up in landfill. After a quick chat with my local mechanic, I'm going to cut them up into rags that will save the mechanic approximately $50 (he usually buys bundles of rags for $25). This deed feels selfish, because my heart feels so fuzzy.

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be human. Sometimes I look at the horrible things we have done to the earth and the damaging decisions we keep making, and I cry. But this week, I was reminded of good humans. Humans who care for each other, who think of the planet, who look out for strangers, and pass on warm fuzzies when no one is asking them to.

Humanity isn't all bad. Remember that.

~ Words from @ethicallykate

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