The Koha Jar Project

For cafes, for markets, for school fairs...🌻 Click HERE for guides and signs 🌻 Working together with the wider community can be a great way to get the job of replacing throwaways with reusers done, but more than that, it can create real behaviour change. The KohaJar Project is one we are trialing at the Otago Farmers Market, and Taupo Market, where we ask local schools to create 'keeep cups' for koha, helping the markets reduce single use waste - providing a wholesome solution that is easy on the market vendors, is hassle free for the market management and is gorgeous as heck for shopers and visitors - and it's social media gold. It's a win for everyone. If you are keen to take something like this on, get in touch - we're always keen to help out with making those first introductions and doing the research for you. 

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