The Rubbish Trip

Click In to read pertinent as ever commentary on our government's recent announcement that they will be looking further into waste minimisation/banning of single use plastics ðŸŒ¼ The Rubbish Trip lay it out: We strongly support the Govt's announcement this morn, which again displays its willingness to keep using s 23 of Waste Minimisation Act to phase-out items in our economy that can't be circularised. This is REALLY important.

Right now, we're waiting for more specificity around what those proposed items for phase-outs are. The list of items we've seen so far seems quite narrow. We believe the Govt could be more ambitious. This is not only because there are so many problematic single-use food & beverage packaging items out there beyond ones made of PVC/polystyrene, it's also a question of time & resource efficiency. With all the preliminary work & consultation required for a phase-out, the Govt might as well consult on a wider range of single-use food & drink packaging items at once, to avoid having to complete this lengthy process over & over again. ðŸŒ¼ A more comprehensive focus on the category of single-use takeaway food & beverage packaging as a whole (rather than just particular ones made of particular materials like PVC/polystyrene) would accelerate development of a coherent, scaleable system of alternatives to single-use items generally. Because if we want to trigger the #reuserevolution we must think bigger. Piecemeal bans of items made of specific materials or polymers is fine to a point, but may incentivise 'swapping' of one material for another (whether another plastic polymer or another single-use material, including bioplastics/PLA), which doesn't get to the core of our single-use problem.🌼 In this vein, we could make faster transitions to a circular economy if the s 23 powers were used more thoughtfully to include real incentives for reuse systems to be developed alongside phase-outs. Section 23 includes a range of policy tools for ditching single-use, not just bans. Using these tools simultaneously could be really powerful! However, this works best if we look at product categories to be phased-out more holistically. ðŸŒ¼But we remain hopeful for what's in the final proposal and/or what else the Govt has in the pipeline! ðŸŒ¼ And hey, thanks & your cafes for your advocacy. You've created a new normal!

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