Use Your Voice

There is currently an opportunity for all of us to make submissions on a Government proposal to phase out and ban several kinds of single use and hard to recycle plastics, many associated with hospitality. Single use coffee cups are not included, BUT they are mentioned repeatedly and our feedback is requested. Follow THIS link to find out how to submit, and for guidance on content and process. It's easy peasy, and vital too. Meanwhile, here is a comment from one of the UYO cafes who have shared their thoughts about how a ban on single use cups could work for them:

We would need an option that is appealing to our 'no bullshit' customers. These are the ones that are on their way to work, don't want to fluff around with one of our jars because it seems 'too difficult', just want their coffee and to run - these people are going to be the hardest to appeal to. Having a cup library with a lid where you take the customers order, make their coffee in one of these cups, have our brand or something obvious on them so people know where to return them, and pass the cup to the customer and say when you're next in the neighbourhood drop the cup back in. Otherwise, a universal system where all cafes accept one of a few brands so people can drop their reusable cups into any accepting cafe and each place takes responsibility for sanitising and putting back out. There would probably need to be an app or something collaborative so local cafes can reach out to this company or other cafes if they're running low (we might get people returning the cups less as we're a neighbourhood or 'destination' cafe as opposed to those in town or the CBD). - Adjø, Dunedin


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