🌿 A few words from the folks behind Wanakup 🌿 "Let us introduce ourselves to you. Nat and Ben here, originally just a couple of winter chasers, who absolutely fell in love with Wanaka. Having settled in Wanaka for nearly 2 years now, we’ve decided we weren’t going to sit around and wait for our community and our natural environment to disappear right in front of our eyes. So where did we start? We’ve chosen to tackle the one thing we can’t live without. Coffee. So deliciously addictive but sadly an extremely wasteful industry. Stemming from our in-depth knowledge of Environmental & Social sciences and our extensive hospitality experience, we have been thoroughly researching the best possible solution to the ‘disposable cup’ waste problem. 
Wanakup; a grassroots social enterprise run by a bunch of locals keen to preserve the environment not only for the snow, the trails or the lake but for the sake of future generations. We’ve designed the dream cup and a perfect reusable cup system for baristas, cafes, keen brew drinkers AND the environment! 
We don’t believe that making an environmentally positive choice needs to be an inconvenience to you or to the environment. Just imagine a completely waste-free option to our daily brew habits - what a dream."

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