Millions of disposable cups go to landfill in NZ each year. We use around 800,000 every day! What?! The same plastic lining that makes them waterproof makes them almost impossible to deal with. And those 'compostable' ones...Nah ahh. They can only be composted in inductrial facilities, not in a backyard, so most of those are lifelong landfill too. They'll out live the lot of us. It's also important to consider how the corn used to make the 'compostable' cups is produced, what land is cleared to support this new 'green' industry and how that competes with human food needs, or forestry needs. You can't grow food or trees on area cleared to plant corn to make coffee cups. Crazy huh.   

Reduce land disruption, reduce waste, reduce greenhouse gases from landfill and reduce ocean pollution by saying No Thanks to dispoable cups. Make time to stay and drink in? Or bring a jam jar, a mug or any container from home? Famcy somthing flashe? Treat yourself to a reusable cup. Then visit one of our cafes to get the thumbs up for being a legend. And use the dollar/star search button to find cafes who will discount your take out when you UYOC. Use Your Own Cup.

And just in case you need another reason to get your own, those plastic lids you drink from? They're number 6 plastic - polystyrene - known endocrine disrupters and more studies have just been done on the effects upon the human body when hot liquid comes in contact with them - not good. Keep yourself and your environment safe. Say 'No' to disposable cups. 

Image IG: @take3forthesea

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