Zerowaste and Upholding Te Tiriti

Every now and again, social media provides us with content worth sharing. This is from an account @thereubbishtrip and was posted on Waitangi Day this year.


Waitangi Day is a good opportunity to think about how we can better uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi at all levels of society, and the benefits this could bring for everyone.

For those of us striving for a zero waste world (whether Pākehā/tauiwi or Māori), that could mean thinking about:

1) How waste, plastic pollution, and the linear economy are connected to a system of extractive capitalism that was implanted through colonisation, and that therefore...

2) Some of the solutions to waste and plastic pollution in Aotearoa could include removing obstacles to tino rangatiratanga and upholding Te Tiriti.

If the relationship between waste and colonialism in Aotearoa is new terrain for you, we recommend diving into the work of Tina Ngata. This conversation between Tina and Max Liboiron is a great starting point on the benefits of a decolonial approach to addressing waste issues:

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