SLP talks with Mathew Fitzgerald

Everyday, for the next few weeks, we're going to be sharing episodes from the Sick Leave Podcast series. If you are a hospo person, or have ever eaten a meal or sipped a coffee out and about, you may well find this vital and insightful. For me, it's a safe place...Click the pasta bowl to listen... 🍝 "Candid and honest chats with business leaders/owners/operators about their journeys with mental illness, mental wellness and everything in between." ~ In this episode, Mathew Fitzgerald, owner of Madame George bar & restaurant (Auckland) talks about his journey with depression and anxiety, the importance of exercise, and channelling aliens.

If You're A Cafe...

...and you refill water flasks, for anyone, for free, to help end our addiction to buying bottled water, you can list with the crew at Refill NZ Org. Costs you nothing. Could change everything...Click HERE.

Easy Eco Tips

..are one of our favourite instagram accounts to follow for those little things that can make all the difference to the world. Click HERE to connect with them at @easyecotips.

Reusable Nation

We have a lot of time for the guys at Reusable Nation. We follow them on instagram and noticed they had a super cool guide to materials and other factors to consider when choosing a new reusable cup. Click HERE for their 5 favourites.


IG: @reusablenation

Refill To Be Well

Click HERE to read an NZ Herald article about why refilling with tap water is not just great for our planet but also your health. Free from sugar as well as plastic...

How To Change The World


Drink From The Tap

Drinks bottled in any kind of plastic are a potential menace to our waterways, our marine life and, consequently, to our air. All we have to do is commit to drinking the clean water we can all access. If we want juice, eat fruit. If we want a coke, well, do something else instead...

From The Gram

Wise words from our instasista @sarahlazarovic ⭐ Click HERE to connect to her instagram for inspiration and a feeling of 'yup, that makes sense' ⭐ Oh, and want to know where to start? Refuse single use. Reduce or ditch dairy and meat. Support local. Use your powers.