Jailhouse Pottery

Meet Jennifer:  Kapiti Coast, New Zealand based Potter πŸ“„ Contemporary Ceramic Artist - with or without lids  πŸŒΈ Click HERE to connect

Nicholas Feisst

One good cup. Then care for it. 🌿 Small batch 🌿 Lake Okareka 🌿  Click HERE to connect with Nicholas

Bing Design

Bing Ceramics is Sarah Bing, a potter, dogsbody creative and sculptor. 🌿 Raglan 🌿 Sarah Bing celebrates colour and organic form via her painstaking decorative technique.🌿 Click HERE to connect (she may be in India, but reach out anyway!)


Koha Apparel

You know about these guys? Click HERE to have a read, and if you're in Auckland, give them your support next year? They're doing what the world needs now, in so many ways: "Repurposing quality clothing for those in need. Every Monday 6 - 8pm @stkevinsarcade Take what you need, give what you can".

The Shack

Wholesome food and wholesome people ⭐ CAFE, EATERY, PROUDLY POURING ROCKET COFFEE, RAGLAN β­ UYOC discount πŸŒ Sells Reusable Pottery For The Planer & Sup Cups β˜• Mug Library πŸ’ Pet Friendly 🐒 No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own ContainerπŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ’ Event Catering 🌻 Take Out Grounds For Your Garden πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸŒΏ Responsible Food Waste πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYO or  The Shack to see more…


πŸ’§Free water for all at GorgeπŸ’§ 🌟 CAFE, EATERY, OTAKI, POURING PEOPLES COFFEE 🌟 Discount When You UYO πŸŒ Sells Reusable Cups πŸ™Œ Has A Mug Library πŸ’ Pet Friendly 🌿 Responsible Food Waste 🐒 No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍴 Use Your Own Container  β˜• Ethically Sourced Coffee  🌻 Take Out Grounds For Your Garden πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸŒˆ Do a little search for GORGE with UYO to see more…

A Review

...of Bird On A Wire from @sarah.annelise πŸ’š

"The weather gods have blessed this weekend with oodles of sun, so in return I’m gonna bless my belly with some fab food #winning πŸ’ƒπŸ» I had crumbed tofu with sesame greens, old mate had the hash burger. Went down a treat! yeet Bird On A Wire NZ"

Lucky To Know

Kseniia and Alex from @thestylejungle πŸŒ» Kseniia (lovely human) has supported the UYO mission in her capacity as journo with Focus Mag, and indepently at The Style Jungle, giving us access to a vital demographic when we were just starting out. Thanks so much! We are grateful!