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Mink Cafe, Parnell πŸŒΌ Licensed neighbourhood cafe and eatery, situated on the corner of Parnell rise with great outdoor seating to bask in the sun β˜€οΈ  🍱 UYOContainer Welcome πŸŒΏ Plant Based Options πŸ’§Free Water For All  πŸ° GF Options  πŸ’ Catering πŸ’« Click HERE for more about Mink Cafe, Parnell, Auckland

A Review

...of Lashings from @wellingtonbuzz πŸ

"🌟 Lashings Food - the original decadent brownie treat using locally sourced ingredients & oozing joy! They do great gift boxes of their treats."

A Review

...of The Daily from @claudialuciagr πŸŒ±

"The Daily Cafe NZ has been awarded best cafe in New Zealand! And I couldn’t agree more! 
Besides having, I’ll dare to say, the best coffee and breakfast I’ve ever had, the cafe's not-for-profit ethos, focuses on giving back, with all profits going to the local Te Puke community through community and crisis meals, lending a helping hand and training - now, that’s my kind of coffee place 😍"

A Review

...of Gre3n Superfood from @hairmantra πŸ’š

"Super fun to eat fresh, healthy and delicious plant based food Gre3n Superfood Juice Bar for brunch πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š Healthy plant based food always have great benefit for physical and mental health... It’s a great start of the day!"

Welcome To UYO!

So much more than icecream 🌺 Page 42 Gelato, Carterton, Masterton πŸ‘ β˜•Proudly pouring Neighbourhodd Coffee πŸŒ» Sells Reusable Sup Cups  πŸ± UYOContainer Welcome πŸŒΏ Plant Based Options πŸ’§Free Water For All πŸ’°UYOC Discount πŸŒ·Used Coffee Grounds For Your Garden 🍰 GF Options πŸ’» Free Wifi  πŸ™ No Plastic Straws  πŸ₯ Pet Friendly  πŸ’ Catering πŸ’« Click HERE for more about Page 42, Carterton...

Thank You

To everyone who was involved in Aotearoa's first National Use Your Own Cup Day πŸŒΌ Every voice counts. Every action counts. We're almost there. And remember, if you can make this change, you can make others x x x


Use Your Own Cup Day.  Tag us when you choose to reuse, #uyocupday...Oooh, and it's also my birthday πŸŒ» Make time to stay - Use your own cup - do anything, but don't touch single use! On behalf of this planet, thank you. 

Cupless At Taste Nature

...all day today, Taste Nature Cafe, store and grocers are free from single use cups! Because, simply, in Aotearoa, we choose to reuse. Show all our cafes that we don't need them to keep stocking single use cups. We're grown ups - We got this!