Going SUCFree For UYOCupday!

Huge, stand up, round of applause for Brona and the Vrew at Fedeli, Wanaka! It's choose to reuse all day long on the 11th December for your brews: Use Your Own, Borrow an Again Again or treat yourself to one good Fedeli Reusable Keepcup 🌟 Discount When You UYOC 🌏 Sells Reusable Cups 🐒  Pet Friendly 🐢 No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍴 Use Your Own Container  💧 Free Water Refill For Anyone ☕ Ethically Sourced Coffee 📱 Free Wifi 🌈 Do a little search for them with us to see more…

Eichardts #UYOCupday Magic

Go get a coffee from them on Wednesday, 11th and enter their raffle! 🌼 A branded No.5 Church Lane Keepcup, A metal straw , A bag of coffee, 7 free coffees, A locally made bar of soap and 10% Discount at No5 Church Lane!   🌼 Plus, show them the #uyocupday logo from our gram and your brew is only $2.50! AND they have a ltd bunch of ceramic cups to give away, free!

Why UYOCupDay?

Because. If we refuse avoidable single use items, like coffee cups and smoothie cups and juice cups, we create a shift away from the present throwaway culture that is so negative. Negative for resouce use, waste stream and for our societies. Time to cherish, not chuck . 

Sip Kitchen & #UYOCupday

Head to Sip Kitchen, Newmarket or Rosedale and remember to Use Your Own Cup on December 11th: They'll give you a $1 off your take out brew. Saluting the reusers on Use Your Own Cup Day!

Mojo Nationwide...

...to celebrate national Use Your Own Cup Day, all 35 Mojo stores will be gving away a free coffee voucher to the first 5 customers who buy a brew in their own cup. That's a 175 cups of coffee giveaway for the reuse revolution. Nice work Mojo. 

The First 5 Reusers...

...get a free brew at 🌼 Sweet Release, Welly 🌼 The Hangar, Welly 🌼 YallaYalla, Hamilton 🌼  Magnetix, Welly 🌼 Vines Village, Blenheim 🌼 Drifter Coffee, Orewa 🌼 Ombrellitos, Dunedin 🌼 Two Grey, Welly 🌼 on December 11th! Use Your Own Cup Day! 

This Wednesday...

...is New Zealand's own Use Your Own Cup Day and to celebrate, All Coffee Club stores, all over Aoearoa, are giving us half proced coffees when we choose a reusable not a throawaway cup ⭐ You know how proud I am to represent Xavier and the entire CC family? Yup. You know. 

Going SUCFree All Day!

...on December 11th  💫 These champions at Big Fig, Wanaka, are dine in or reusables only on Use Your Own Cup day! ⭐ Go show them some planet loving gratitude and love?