This Wednesday... New Zealand's own Use Your Own Cup Day and to celebrate, All Coffee Club stores, all over Aoearoa, are giving us half proced coffees when we choose a reusable not a throawaway cup â­ You know how proud I am to represent Xavier and the entire CC family? Yup. You know. 

Going SUCFree All Day!

...on December 11th  ðŸ’« These champions at Big Fig, Wanaka, are dine in or reusables only on Use Your Own Cup day! â­ Go show them some planet loving gratitude and love?

Saluting The Reuser... Tuppence, Waverley, Dunedin â­ Tracey and Pete and co. are giving 10 coffees to the first 10 customers who choose to dine in, and 10 more to the first 10 who bring their own reusable cups for takeouts on Use Your Own Cup Day, 11 December! â­ These guys are also the determination and hardwork behind @doubt_not_compost, so they see the city's single use waste first hand...and are keen to change things. Thanks. Heaps.

$2 Brews On Use Your Own Cup Day A New Era Cafe, Rawene â­ How magic is that? Locals and travellers who bring their own cups get discounted take out coffees all day long â­ Pick up an icecream while you're there?! â­ A New Era, we're grateful to you. 

Free Brews In Dunedin

For the first 10 reusers ðŸŒº Tuppence, Daily, Modaks, Corner Store, Vanguard, Vogel St, Beam Me Up Bagels, Potpourri, Copper, Wellness, Kind Grocer, Morning Magpie, Precinct & Heritage Coffee ðŸŒº On #UYOcupday ðŸŒº

Free Brews On UYOCupDay

This December 11th, be amongst the first 10 customers to present a reusable cup (or jar!) to the barista at Capers Epicurean, Rotorua, and your waste free coffee is free! So much love for our cafes...

Good News For Papamoa

The Sandbank, 1986 Bedford Van, is back! ☕ Proudly serving up Excelsobrews by the beach. Healthy, happy food and coffee: Refresh your foodie soul with superfood smoothies and bowls. 🌻 Sells Reusable Sandbank Flasks  🍱  UYOContainer Welcome ðŸŒ¿ Plant Based Options  ðŸŒ·Used Coffee Grounds For Your Garden 🍰 GF Options 🐙 No Plastic Straws ✅ Mug Library/Loan ðŸ¥ So Pet Friendly  ðŸ’ Catering ðŸ’« Coffee made with love. 

The Running Duck

Kiwi bach style restaurant that provides great coffee, burgers and good times 🌟 CAFE, GERALDINE, POURING UNDERGROUND COFFEE 🌏 Sells Reusable Cups ðŸ’  Pet Friendly 🌿 Responsible Food Waste ðŸŒ± Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍴 Use Your Own Container ðŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone ☕ Ethically Sourced Coffee ðŸ“± Free Wifi ðŸŒˆ Do a little search for  The Running Duck on UYO to see more…