Proud To Represent

...Village Green Cafe, 4 Donnelly St, Havelock North ☕️🍴

"Welcome to Village Green Cafe We specialise in Healthy cafe fare with an emphasis on catering to many varied dietary requirements . We Generally always have food to cater to the following, but our chefs are great at adapting dishes to your specific requirements. Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Refined sugar free, Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Low carb. Use Food as Medicine." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Hawthorne ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Henry & Ted, 5 Golden Sands Dr, Papamoa Beach ☀️🌱

"Bright, light, and seasonal in Papamoa. Relax and let us take care of you. Proudly pouring Kokako coffee and loving it when you choose to use your own cup for takeouts, if you don't have time to stay, and we'll discount you when you Use Your Own Cup and when you Use Your Own Container for take out meals...too easy." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Kokako ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Moment Cafe, 85 Manchester St, Christchurch Central City 🍴🌸 

"Our menu sets the bar high with a kaleidoscope of colour and flavours your taste buds won’t forget. Offering an abundance of gf, vege & vegan options. Come be local, and if you can't make time to stay, we love it when you use your own cup ~ don't have one? We can help..." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Hummingbird ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Tonic, 60 Main Street, Pahiatua 💓🙌

"Mobile coffee van serving delicious award winning coffee blended with local Farm Fresh Whole Milk. Stockist for milk in glass bottles for your home. Small selection of plant based raw snacks. Available for events and functions." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Arrosta ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...PC Eatery 💚🍔

"Pomeroys Cafe inside Pics Peanut Butter World ☕🍪🥜" ⭐️ Proudly pouring Pomeroys ⭐️


...from UYO cafe, The Cozy Corner, Taupo 🌻 ~ "Healthy does NOT mean starving yourself EVER. Healthy means eating the right food in the right amount".

Responsible Influencing

This image is from ~ an instagram account we support like crazy because they never, never share images of branded litter when promoting thier favourite cafes. Accounts like this are changing what is normal. Shaping a responsible future. 

Proud To Represent

...Olde Beach Bakery, 3 Ono St, Waikanae Beach, Waikanae 🐳☀️

"Traditional French and Kiwi offerings in the heart of Waikanae Beach, with a focus on community, sustainability and deliciousness. We love it when you Use Your Own Cup for a take out, but if you forget, worry not - we have heaps of options to help you avoid single use waste!" 

⭐️ Proudly pouring Havana ⭐️