Living Laboratory

Love this wee talk from instagram @livinglaboratory πŸŒΏ "Tired of me posting about bringing your own cup? sorry NOT sorry because I won’t stop until this is the norm and it’s unusual or rare to use single use. I simply can’t understand the logic behind using something for a few minutes or hours (that cost water, energy, money, and time to make) that will only then be discarded and take many years to breakdown. Not to mention the fact that it probably won’t get recycled and could end up doing harm to animals in our environment and our habitat which is supporting US! Why? Why would we do this?! I know there are a lot of social issues and other things to be upset about in our world and take action on, but if we keep treating our planet like garbage, we may not have a safe/healthy place to live at all. Which is why this issue is so important to me!
I’m doing my best to lead by example and try not to call out people who choose single-use items too much, but it’s starting to get to me.
Perfection is certainly not the goal but it seems to me that most aren’t aware or simply don’t care. 🀷🏼‍♀️"

A Review

...of Mrs Hucks from @heath_wells πŸ’š

"Pulled Pork Flatbread at Mrs Hucks... open faced flatbread served with kumara purée, five spice pulled pork, pickled cabbage, apple compote and rocket! A zingy fresh lunch bursting with flavour!"

Happy Ewe

When they have trade ins, they like to pay it forward. Free tyres. Good humans. Click HERE to connect to their insta and keep up with the news....COFFEE, BIKE SHOP, BIKE TOURS, ROTORUA β­ Discount when you UYO πŸŒ  Sell reusable cups πŸ₯Pet friendly πŸ¬ No plastic straws 🌱Plant based options πŸ±    Use your own container here πŸ’§ Free water for all πŸŒ»  Coffee grounds to go πŸ“±Free Wifi πŸ†   No throw away cups to dine in πŸŒΈ Do a little search for Happy Ewe with us to find out more….

A Review

...of  The Cake Eating Co from insta friend @the_runbakery β€οΈ

"The incredible Cake Eating Co deserves a post eeeevery time I go, cause they are awesome and if you haven't been you ARE missing out.
Chai shortbread - wow, absolutely amazing. Delicious. Perfection. Fave thing. Leave it a day - the cookie gets a little soft and even more melt in the mouth😍

Vanilla Turkish Delight cake - simple, lovely flavor but a little plain for my sugary buds 😁
Brownie - dense, chocolaty and soft. Everything you could want.
Still reading this?! You should be heading to the Cake Eating Co!"

Sad & Hapi

Sad to see that the Chantal Shop Cafe is no more, but happy to see Hapi popping up in the space. Napier people, go say hey and show love to this community....

Sneak Peak

...into Handsome Frog Cafe from @pinkiegoestravelling πŸ’šπŸŒ

"Vegetarian mince pie wut? β˜•οΈ" Options for all at Handsome Frog Cafe!

A Review

...of from Big Fig Wanaka from @podgyfood πŸ’š

"Some much needed vegetables and hearty slow cooked meats at Big Fig in Wanaka and Queenstown 😁😁. Delicious beef cheek, harissa chicken, slow roast lamb, kumara, potatoes, roasted cauliflower, delicious salads mmmmmm."

Refill Milton

The team at Project Bruce, Milton, Otago, are on a mission to make Milton a single use free town. FIrst job, providing an alternative to bottled water and soft drinks for locals and visitors...