A Review

...of from Big Fig Wanaka from @podgyfood πŸ’š

"Some much needed vegetables and hearty slow cooked meats at Big Fig in Wanaka and Queenstown 😁😁. Delicious beef cheek, harissa chicken, slow roast lamb, kumara, potatoes, roasted cauliflower, delicious salads mmmmmm."

Refill Milton

The team at Project Bruce, Milton, Otago, are on a mission to make Milton a single use free town. FIrst job, providing an alternative to bottled water and soft drinks for locals and visitors...

Water Stop - Milton

...the local business community are putting their taps where their mouths are (does that even make sense?!) and offering free water refills to anyone - customers or not...

Milton Motivated

...the whole town is in on this. Even businesses that sell bottled drinks are super keen to encourgae us to ask to use their taps instead. So, so good.

Make Like Milton

Imagine if every town and city made it clear that we were welcome to refill our personal water flasks at almost all their businesses? It could change everything...

Milton Cafes

...all the cafes in this town, located on a main road through from Dunedin to Central Otago and the South are keen to refill our water flasks for free...they also all stock Caliwoods reusable straws, so we can stop sucking too...

Night n Day In Milton

...this town is a beacon of optimism, of how it should and could be. And the next time I drive south, I'll be stopping here and refilling here, and grabbing coffee here, and shopping here - because this community is my hero. 

A Review

...of Gratitude Eatery from @deadbunniesmakemecry

"Potato and leek quiche and a beautiful yummy smoothie πŸŒΏπŸ’› Gratitude Eatery has the BEST smoothies and the cutest names for them πŸŒ±πŸ˜‹"