Proud To Represent

...Flaveur Breads, 31 Totara St, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga 🍞❤️

"Organic Breads and Wholesome Foods - Havana Coffee to go. And bring any old cup at all! We love it when you choose to reuse and will reward your goodness with a 50c discount on your Havana brew." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Havana ⭐️

From The Gram

This is @nullaproject 🌻 ~ "A simple thing you can do everyday. Big Impact."

Proud To Represent

...Volare Bread, Cambridge, 27 Empire St, Leamington, Cambridge 🍞👌

"Volare specialise in baking quality handcrafted sourdough breads for restaurants, cafés and good food stores within the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato. The sourdough process starts the day before with the mixing of the leaven (sourdough culture) which ferments for almost twenty four hours. Then, it is at least another eight hours from mixing everything together to the first hot loaf of bread."

Proud To Represent

...Dotcom Cafe, 42 Marriner St, Sumner, Christchurch 💚🐝

"Dotcom Cafe, located in Sumner since 2001! 🌟 Coffee, brunch, cabinet food, catering, cakes, slices and muffins all made on site every day. 🌟 Come see us in our cosy cafe where we greet everyone like a friend. 🌟 If you need a cup with a lid to dine in, we'll lend you a keep cup! No need for single use...." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Vittoria ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Baker & co., 235 West Tamaki Road, Glen Innes, Auckland 🍰💖 

"We are a cafe based in East Auckland offering a variety of cabinet food & a breakfast menu. We do whole cakes to order as well as wedding cakes. We have a wide range of GF food which is safe for coeliacs. All of our takeaway packaging is compostable too!" ⭐️ Proudly pouring Allpress ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Boost Juice, Dunedin, 251 George St, Dunedin 🍑✌️

"We love it when you use your own cup at Boost juice and smoothie bars, and if you don't own one already - we sell reusable smoothie flasks in all our stores. We’re stoked to bring you all the goodness, freshness and nutrition of our iconic juices and smoothies so that you can be your healthiest, happiest and most wholesome self."

Support Local Artists

Did you know we have a directory that contains many of the ceramacists and potters working today in Aotearoa that are creating ceramic travel cups, and hand made goodness for cafe wear too? Just click the Explore Reusables button, or Good For Hospo...This is Lauren @broodfermwares

Responsible Roasting

It's a thing! Click HERE to have a look at the New Zealand roasters who are trying out more sustainable ways to get beans to their cafe customers...It's an ever growing list because change is changing.