Choice To Pay

Whatever business you are in, if you take Eftpos or CC payments, and you care about caring more, look these guys up - Click HERE to connect with Choice To Pay. Giving customers the opportunity to give to real NZ causes and keeping transaction fees onshore. 

A Wee Review

...from our insta friend @coffeeofnz 🌸 "Small trim flat white, free because I have a loyalty card, buy one get one free 😍☕ I've always been a fan of Coffee Club coffee! Bonus, they made this in my @frankgreen_official reusable cup"

About Cups...

On the UYOC website we have a new page for cafes called HOSPO HELPERS, with all sorts of info, inc. about reusable cups that you can retail in NZ. We'll share some over the next weeks. Starting with Sup Cups: RRP $25-$29 🌻 12oz and 8oz insulated. Wide colour range, Can be logo branded. Barista friendly. NZ owned, made in China. Click HERE to connect and enquire. 

A Wee Cup Review

...from our insta friend @paniabc ⭐ "So shook by how great this little cup is! Keeps the drink warm for ages and none of the heat gets through the cup so I can hold it. Looks fab, feels good and best of all it's multi-use. I am already recommending to friends and family." - Frank Green, Stainless Steel, 8oz, Little Boy Blue. 

Huge Congratulations Rachel, Rob, Porter and the whole lovely rest of the Park Ranger Family, setting up their second home in CHCH central. Pop down and see them at 4 Walker Street and send our love. 

Looking For A Read?

Click HERE to connect to the Caliwoods Eco Blog - Handy tips and tricks, news, help and hope - Encouraging us all to make a positive difference in a world that needs us to. 

Again Again

...have arrived in Auckland and we're stoked that heaps of UYOC cafes are onboard with it already. A simple deposit cup loan scheme for when we don't have time to stay, don't have our own cup, and really, truly need caffeine. You can search for cafes that will help you out in a fix like this by searching for 'Mug/Jar Library/Loan' with the UYOC guide. 

The Laughing Pug