Stand Up, Bay Of Plenty

Why Waste - "On Sunday the 19th of May between 12 and 2pm at the Omanu Surf Club we will create a mountain of 2400 used plastic bottles to give an idea of what one minutes worth of production looks like. They'll be packed up on Sunday evening and will be delivered to the doors of the courthouse in Whakatane where the appeal is taking place. At a time when countries all over the world are figuring out how to turn the tide on single use plastics, our leaders have paved the way for international water bottling giants to set up shop alongside vulnerable communities across NZ. Combined they will produce more plastic water bottles than England consumes on a year. 2400 bottles represents the number of bottles the proposed plant (Otakiri - Whakatane) will be capable of producing EVERY MINUTE, 24/7.That is 1.3 billion bottles per year." Show up and fight for YOUR future. 

The Coffee Club, The Hub

CAFE, HORNBY 🌟 Discount When You UYOC 🌏 Sells Reusable Coffee Club Thermal Cups πŸ’ No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own Container  πŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ’ Outside Catering πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYOC for  The Coffee Club The Hub, Hornby to see more…


CAFE, HIGHGATE, DUNEDIN πŸŒ Sells Reusable IDEAL Cups πŸ’ Pet Friendly πŸ’ No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own Container  πŸ’§ Free Water Refill For AnyoneπŸ“± Free Wifi πŸ’š CupCycling  πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYOC for Copper Cafe to see more…

Choose Love, Act Now

When we make changes in how we DON'T spend our money, in what we choose to refuse, in how we reach out to others and take part in movements to create chnage, we take control of our future. Democracy will only work for us if we work to be a part of it. Plant seeds. Make them grow πŸ’š Art @mollyccostello

Mug Libraries Forever

The much loved mug library at The Otago Farmer's Market, captured by our friend @thesustainablesouth

Tank NZ

All Tank stores around the land love it when you choose to bring in your own containers, cups and jars for your Tank fuel-up. And if you have your own reusable straws, bring them too! Loving seeing this family owned, national chain taking steady steps towards the reuse revolution. Be a part of it and UYOC at Tank! Use us to find a Tank near you now.

Image IG: @caliwoods_eco

Mrs Woolly's General Store

CAFE, ACCOMODATION, STORE, GLENORCHY, QUEENSTOWN β­ UYOC discount πŸŒ Sells Reusable Cups β˜• Mug Library  🍱 Use Your Own ContainerπŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ’ Pet Friendly 🌿 Responsible Food Waste  πŸŒ± Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options πŸ’ Event Catering πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸ“Έ @theleafadventure β£

Go Nude

Stop buying it and they'll stop doing it πŸ’š Thanks @thumbsupnewzealand