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Keep New Zealand Beautiful

We had a incredible year last. Met so many incredible cafes who are doing incredible things. And we won the KNZB Most Sustainable Business Project category. This year, our family has doubled in size and I am so in love with the reuse revolution. Watch a wee video about us HERE. Unreal. 

Mug Library

Simple, cheap, easy solution to a messy problem. This one is at Potpourri, Dunedin. 

Oka Pottery

We are blessed with so many talented artisans in Aotearoa. We don't need single use messing things up. Beautiful things for our best life. Click HERE to find out more about Oka Pottery. Have less. Do more. Reuse. Refill. Reuse. Reuse. 

IG: @okapottery

Be a part of it...

Find a UYOC cafe. Take some pics and send them to us to be a part of this. We will make a fuss of you!

Breaking Up...

What happens to that lid on your takeaway cup of coffee? Your one cup lid breaks UP, not down, from one piece of plastic to millions. Walking along the beach in 25 years you may not see what is identifiable as a lid but these microplastics will be there...


Image IG: @trashplanet_norway

UYOC Discount!

Search our directory for guys who'll discount your drink when you UYOC by clicking on the wee star in our search menu. 

Forever Straws

Shake, Wellington -  the home of Forever Straws. Beautiful, reusable, forever. Click HERE to shop for your loved ones who suck!