Why We Love Our Cafes...

OKERE FALLS STORE, CAFE πŸŒΌ "Making new homes for discarded single use cups. Come and grab a seedling, plant it in your garden and reduce the amount of unnecessary garbage going to landfill. Then think twice before grabbing your next coffee in one of these! Reusable cups are really the only way! " πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYOC for Okere Falls Store to see more about these heroes…

Altezano Bros - Snickel Lane

ESPRESSO BAR, COFFEE SHOP, AUCKLAND CBD, PROUDLY POURING ALTEZANO BROS COFFEE β­ UYOC discount πŸŒ Sells Reusable KEEP Cups πŸ’ Pet Friendly 🌿 Responsible Food Waste  πŸŒ± Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own ContainerπŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYOC for Altezano Snickel Lane to see more…

Further Faster

They aren't a cafe. Or a juice bar. In fact, they're an adventure store - well, stuff for adventures - but they signed up with the uyoc guide to encourage other businesses in Christchurch (and around NZ) to put up signs like this one. Reducing single-use waste. Heroes. And they sell resuable cups and bottles too, for adventuring...

Z Energy

All Z Espress coffees stops will give you a 50c discount when you Use Your Own Cup for take aways πŸ† Searc h for one near you now, and see the other services they can provide? Some welcome us to refill water flasks, others have EV charge points...

Raw Balance, Taupo

"20c will not make you poor, but it will make you think!! We would like to inspire other cafés to do the same!" ~ "Last night we had Hannah & Liam from The Rubbish Trip at Raw Balance. Their talk was inspiring and we decided to make a stand! From this coming Monday (to give you time to be organised and pre-warned) we will charge you 20c for every single-use coffee/smoothie cup and salad container. It's quite easy to be organised to bring your own and we have the One Cup NZ [initiative] which can be used for smoothies too. If you really forget, we are very lucky to have the spca opshop across the road, buy a cup. Or even better, if you had enough time to drive to our shop for lunch/a drink, you have time to drink it presently and relaxed in our shop, better for digestion anyway!! 20c will not make you poor, but it will make you think!! We would like to inspire other cafés to do the same!

Sage & Grace, Tauranga

Click HERE to connect with the foodie school session of your dreams! ~ "Our desire with the @sageandgrace_ workshops is to equip you in a fun and inspiring way to create real food. REAL FOOD. We want to teach you how to use what you have in the pantry and get creative with your meals! 
We have designed it to be attainable by anyone, feeling out of your depth talking about food and preparing meals? Or needing a challenge and some new ideas! We hope to send you all away with some great tips and ideas!"

The Auckland Library Of Tools.

This is the indefatigable @amandawastefree,  just casually posing with her baby, The Auckland Library Of Tools. Click HERE to connect with her blog and more and read all about this goodness in The Weekend Herald, this coming weekend. Amanda, we salute you. 

The Winter Project

Their mission is to keep Wellingtonians in need warm throughout the winter. Click HERE to find out how you can help them achieve this, or HERE to connect with them and show your support on instagram.