Lil Ceramics

Support local artists? These beauties are made by Lil Ceramics (click HERE to connect) and are sold at the gloriously throwaway-cup-free Fantail & Turtle. Dream team. The reuse revolution is gorgeous. 

The Zephyr Co

Nature lovers 🌱  Crafters - NZ Made Stainless Steel Straws - Zero Waste Goods - Hand Crafted Woodware 🌱 That's about it 🌱 We love these guys. They walk the walk and make beautiful things so we can walk beside them. Click HERE to see more and shop. 

Kiwi Harvest

Put simply, they collect good food before it goes to waste and get it to those in need. KiwiHarvest reduces the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food; helping to create lasting positive social change by nourishing those in need. Click HERE to connect, or volunteer?

Milkv2 at TED

Click HERE to learn more, and to shop for Milk v.2. We love these guys. So much. In Kristina's words...

"We are deeply humbled to be invited to Ted2019 to showcase our products at Future Trend Lab and to introduce Milk v2 and our story to most progressive and influential people on the planet. It’s an honour to represent New Zealand on world stage and to talk about non dairy revolution happening around the globe, especially coming from a dairy country. Thank you everyone who supported and trusted us from start of our journey! We think we are building a brand that is authentic and bigger than us. We have spent last few months making this happen, so more to come about our journey, experiences and stories."

Mend & Make Do...

Repairing is so much more empowering than replacing ❤️ Thanks to @slowmofashion for the image and inspo...


Click HERE for podcast and blog. Do it.

I’m Lucky Roland, human being and everyday greenie.

We're all keen for a greener world, but so far we're taking a long time to change.
I think I've figured out a big reason why.

There's a hidden message in environmentalism which has been lost in translation.


The world is suffering from a communication breakdown.

It's awesome that Leo goes to the icecaps in helicopters and makes speeches at the UN. But how can the everyman relate?
We can't all grow our own food and we can't all afford a Tesla. But implementing change has been made to be a much bigger effort than it needs to be!

Trust me when I say that there are things you can do every single day, that - no matter how small they seem - will add up and will make a difference.

Cycle to work ONE morning, go without meat ONE day a week. 
It all counts.

My site aims to educate (mainly myself) and prove positive agency in the everyday, with environmental news and bants for regular people who want to make greener choices without compromising their quality of life.

Because we're all breathing the same air!

Lady Of The Salt...

Just click HERE to learn, read and may be shop Salt Bags - reusable bags that work for all kinds of stuff, are simple, beautiful, traditional japanese principle with a twist, and if you are an instagrammer, follow this chica and her ocean dwelling family bu clicking HERE. Send our love. 

Our Instagram Family

This is a post by a member of our Instagram family, @joysofsustainability.  If you want to have your words shared here, reach out via the gram...

"Having a cuppa doesn't need to and shouldn't need to create trash - just good times! If you know you're going out for coffee & the cafe doesn't provide actual cups, then perhaps that cafe isn't worth it and you should find another one. Otherwise, it's as simple as taking your own cup in. It doesn't have to be a flash one, it could even be a jar or a mug from home! 😎
Pictured is a tumbler by @stanley_brand (most used item, for smoothies/bubble tea - my loves), insulated thermos by @kleankanteen(use this loads for tea on winter mornings & occasionally for coffee when I feel like a fancy adult), and the classic on-the-go coffee mug by @keepcup (this is actually my sisters, I sold mine bc I didn't need it!). Whatever tools work for you, go for it. I love the two I use because I know they won't crack!
Also pictured are things you already have you might be able to use - jars or mugs!
New Zealand is real lucky with helping us out finding good cafes. Check them out to possibly find some local cafes with good vibes & ethos near you! 💚"


IG: @joysofsustainability