Reusable Nation

Click HERE to connect withour friends at Reusable Nation and learn up about all things bin. And everything you need to know to life an ethically easy, low waste life...

List With us - Free Today

Cafés, Juice Bars and Eateries of New Zealand - Push the JOIN US button and get started. You've got nothing to lose hey.  It takes moments to create your account and listing. All you have to promise is that you will smile when folks ask to use their own takeout cups - reducing single-use waste, reducing cup stock costs for you, making it all 'round dandy. P.S. You can stay for free forever - the option to contribute after a year is yours.

Reusables By L'Affare

One, sturdy, well made cup, well taken care of, will save thousands and thousands of kilos of landfill and send the message that we don't need single use coffee cups. Yup. The future is reuse. Click HERE to shop online...

Calling Cafes

If you are a cafe/eatery/juice bar who welcomes customers who choose refill over landfill click HERE to list with uyoc today and let us represent you? You can stay forever for free. You've got nothing to lose and the whole world to save. 

We Got This

Things are pretty messed up, but history has shown, time and time again, that a committed group of individuals can create huge and lasting change. Make firm steps in the right direction, take others along with you, and we got this. 

Dream Team

Does your office coffee run look like this? Please, share your hero work with us and we will shout about the actions your workplace, family or community are doing on behalf of us all. Magic. 

One Little Cup

Can do so much. Bring your favourite mug from home to work. And then when it's coffee time, simply wander around the corner and use it for your take away, if you don't have the time to stay? It's so simple and you can bet your barista will remember you! 🌸 This little beauty is from @westcoastcraft

Little Pink

My favourite search button on the uyoc café guide 🌸 Cafes who will refill personal water flasks for free and give a glass of water - to non customers - happily 🌸 Because if you choose to walk into a café and ask for a refill (instead of buying more scammy bottled water) you are also saying to the café staff, owners and baristas that you give a shit about them, their families, their kids, everything and everyone 🌸 You are doing them a favour.