One Little Cup

Can do so much. Bring your favourite mug from home to work. And then when it's coffee time, simply wander around the corner and use it for your take away, if you don't have the time to stay? It's so simple and you can bet your barista will remember you! 🌸 This little beauty is from @westcoastcraft

Little Pink

My favourite search button on the uyoc café guide 🌸 Cafes who will refill personal water flasks for free and give a glass of water - to non customers - happily 🌸 Because if you choose to walk into a café and ask for a refill (instead of buying more scammy bottled water) you are also saying to the café staff, owners and baristas that you give a shit about them, their families, their kids, everything and everyone 🌸 You are doing them a favour.

Be The Change

520 reasons each year to simply use your own cup. The numbers mount up. But the discounts also add up! So, save $180 a year on your take out brew by searching with UYOC for cafes who will discount when you choose to reuse?

The Kit

All you need to travel free as a single-use-waste-free bird. Thanks to the insta of @zerowasteauckland for the image of goods from IkoIko, Huckleberry and Habitual Fix. 

Sea Shepherd + KeepCup

Every Sea Shepherd KeepCup sold contributes to their mission to protect and preserve the oceans. Do double good. Click HERE to shop online. Glass and cork style available, too. 

Sweet Release Cakes & Treats

...Wellington. Reusable straws, captured by the instagram account of @wellyfoodlove. We love seeing your pics of our cafes. If you are an instagram user, tag us in your posts and we'll share, always on the gram, often on this site. Team human, working to reduce single use waste...

Stop Sucking

You can use UYOC to find cafes with NPS - no plastic straws. Good humans like the Croc Shake Crew, Wellington, who choose reusables. You can buy your own Forever Straw Co straws, like these, right HERE. Also, remember not to accidentally walk away with their straws! It happens! 

Collaboration Over Competition

OurUYOC family members, the Hillside Kitchen and Cellar crew are working with Eddy and Helen from 50-50 eatery, Kapiti, to present a collaborative dinner on the 16th April. Click HERE to connect with Hillside to make a reservation and be a part of this goodness.