Refuse Single Use

Disposable cups are rubbish. Whatever they are made from. So let's stop treating them as glamour objetcs, as status symbols. Let's leave them on the shelf? Save our cafes money and save our planet from all sorts of mess.

It's So Lovely!

What a view and what a star this person is? 💚 They have filled up at Tank Takapuna in a Keep Cup, No need for a straw and no need for a single use cup! And all Tank stores LOVE it when we choose to reuse. Search with UYOC to find the closest Tank to your Keep Cup now...💚

Milk V2

Dairy is messy. Can you ditch it? Start slow if you need to. Try taking your coffee black? Or with nut milks, or soy? And at home, you can make your own or reach out to companies like Milk V.2 who are making the goodness...Click HERE to read about the good ditching dairy can do for you, your world, your health, the future. 

Use Your Own Cup

Wherever you see this sign, you know that the owners, the managers, the baristas, the staff, salute you when you choose to reuse. They get it. They get that you care about more than your own coffee. Thank you. 

What Else?

Excellent. You are now an Unchucker. You refuse single use coffee cups, straws, all kinds of plastic bottled drinks and plastic bags. Soooo, that's your cafe life sorted. How about your daily routines? Shampoo bars are available all over the place. They are mainstream now. Get into it. You'll love it. 💚 Thanks for the pic @enviro_ph 💚


If you work around the corner, why not use your own plate, or bowl, or tupperware for take out lunches? And to get you started, you can use UYOC to find a cafe near you now who proactively encourages that kind of hero behaviour....Never feel like a spork for asking to use your own containers - you are a good, good human. 

Coffee Grounds To Go

Every thing we can keep out of landfill is a bonus for our atmosphere. Orgainc waste, like used coffee grinds, can be used for so many purposes. Add nutrients to your garden, mix with some coconut oil for a face scrub? Search for a cafe, like Aro, Wellington, who will happily hand over the goodness.  

Change Is Here

More and more cafes are saying that avoidable single use should simply be avoided. Now it is up to all of us, the coffee drinkers, to apply loving pressure to each other to play our part, to encourgae our whanau and colleagues to ditch silly habits and be the change.