The Cloud... the very top of this page is a link to a bunch of resources, top tips and free downloads and signage that we have put together to help us all reduce waste: for cafes, for the work place, for home and school. Have a browse and help yourself.

Merge Cafe

Congratulations to Manu Kahlon, Merge Cafe Manager, who won this year's Kiwi Bank Local Hero Award! Here he is accepting his medal at the award ceremony held on 27 Nov in MOTAT's Aviation Hall, with Auckland Mayor Phill Goff and Kiwibank CE, Steve Jurkovich β­πŸ‡³πŸ‡ΏπŸ…

IG: @mergecafe

Located on Auckland’s iconic K’ Road, Merge Café is unlike any other. With a goal to end homelessness in Auckland, every dollar spent at Merge Café goes towards support for people experiencing homelessness. This is a community based enterprise where good food and good coffee and good company act as bridges, connecting us all.  It's also a place you can pay it forward - so if you want to eat good and do good, here's your chance. 


Best Ugly Newmarket

Best Ugly are New Zealand Bagel legends, with locations in Auckland and Welly. Serving up the goods, pouring Havana Coffee, welcoming us to use our own containers for take outs, and refilling our personal water flasks whenever we ask. Magic. 

Call Them

...and let them know you're thinking of them. Some days, a gentle word can make all the difference. What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. You know the rest....If you need someone to talk to, hold on and reach out. Click HERE.

Image with gratitude IG: @jochenarndt

Kiwi Harvest

A huge shout out to the Kiwi Harvest guys, rescuing food and feeding Kiwi's all year round. We're all lucky to have them. And if you have some dollars or time spare in 2019, you could do a lot worse than contribute to their work...Legends. 

Million Metres

UYOC want to give a million thanks to Million Metres streams for the work they are doing every day. Community  volunteer based, these guys are onto it, out there getting it done for all of us. Give them your support if you can: all freshwater scientists agree that riparian planting is vital to the health of our freshwater ecosystems. 

44% of New Zealand's monitored lakes are so polluted virtually nothing can survive in them. 

62% of New Zealand's lowland rivers are so polluted with pathogens we can't safely swim in them. 

74% of New Zealand's freshwater fish species are now classified as ‘threatened’. 

IG: @millionmetres

Dispensary on Albany

In the middle of Dunedin's student heartland, this vibrant cafe pours Common Ground Espresso with love. The super friendly team are super passionate about coffee, and about making and keeping the Dispensary as sustainable as a cafe can be. Legends. 

IG: @common_ground_espresso


For a year or two now, Ideal Cup have been setting up their Cupcycling initiative at cafes around NZ who are keen to reduce single use. Follow this link HERE to find out more, and get into it. It's all about community, stewardship and making it easy.