Give Away

We give away a lot of reusables at UYOC, mostly through our instagram, This gorgeous Fressko flask is up for greabs, in return for your support of the Refill NZ movement. Click HERE to find out more about them and HERE to head to our insta...

Vinyl Destination

A Tauranga cafe, radio station, live music venue, record store. With donuts. Job done. Click HERE for more about the station, and see their listing with us for more about the cafe. Go be local and love the good, good vibes. 

Counter Culture

Counter Culture Cafe, are a play and stay venture where you can eat well and drink great coffee from local legends, Good Fortune and enjoy over 500 table top board games. Family friendly, wholesome tucker and good, clean fun. A little note about this burger from the guys themselves...  "Introducing our new vegan burger: Forty Thieves. Full of veggie goodness with homemade felafel, salted cucumber, tomato, red cabbage and vegan hoot mayo. If you play Arboretum, you can grow your garden too while you eat. 🍔🌳"

IG: @counterculturecafe

Good Fortune Coffee

Parrot Dog Beer

Garage Project Brewery

Baylands Brewery

Whistling Sisters Craft Beer

Crooked Cider Co

Eddies Cider Co

Panhead Ales

Hey Day Beer Co

Vitality Organics at the Mount

If you're anywhere near Mt Maunganui, head over to the Vitality Organics Shake Shack. Get yourself one of these beauties. Take your own cup or hat or bowl for a discount, or buy a resuable coconut bowl while you're there. Say 'hey' from us. Give them a hug: they're definitely huggers...IG: @vitalityorganics

Best Ugly Swan Lane

If you've been in New Zealand more than 10 minutes, you'll likely know about Best Ugly. Bagles that we can be proud of. Handrolled, slathered in the goods. And keen to do right by us all by offering free water refills and discounts when you uyoc. magic. 

Ilott Cafe

Snug on the Kelburn Campus at Victoria University is Wellington café, Ilott. All day food and drinks (including their Gelato Shake!) to keep you going. And remember, they love it, just love it, when you Use Your Own Cup for your takeout coffee or shake. See their listing with us to find out more!

IG: @Ilottcafe

No Take Aways Please

Have a read here about a Melbourne cafe who have banned Take Away cups, just like The Lincoln Pantry in Christchurch and Muskets and Moonshine in Queenstown. CLick HERE to see the artlcle in the Sydney Morning Herald. It's a good read...

IG: @napier_quarter

Vigour Vitality

Are you dairy-free? We found out about Vigour Vitality Nut & Seed Mylks because some our cafes use their Barista Blend in-house - but now we can buy them for home. Shake a teaspoon of paste up with filtered water and you're in the mylk! So rich and so good. 

IG: @vigourvitality