Vigour Vitality

Are you dairy-free? We found out about Vigour Vitality Nut & Seed Mylks because some our cafes use their Barista Blend in-house - but now we can buy them for home. Shake a teaspoon of paste up with filtered water and you're in the mylk! So rich and so good. 

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New Year Eve Tauranga

Excited to bring you this magic from our friends at Our Place and Gun & Coco. Click HERE for your tickets? TIDES is a the newly launched New Years Eve music festival right in the buzzing hub of the sunny Bay of Plenty. Carefully curated, this event draws in music lovers to celebrate a yummy mix of local NZ talent in the beach town paradise of Tauranga. You are in for a really, really good time.

Two Grey

A Wellington legend, Two Grey Bar and Brasserie and staunch members of the UYOC family: no plastic straws, a UYOC discount, the sell Frank Green cups and welcome us to take home what we can't quite finish. Small steps to big change. 🌿

Our thanks to our freind @fattab for the image. Click HERE for her insta...

Ideal & UYOC in Stuff

Thanks to Leith Huffadine for his informative and proactive series about our relationship with disposable cups; what the envirnmental issues are and steps we can take to negate them. Click HERE to read the final part of five, where Leith talks to Steph Fry from Ideal Cup (and a little word from us too).

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Muskets and Moonshine

Brecon Street, Queenstown is the home of Muskets and Moonshine. A stylish but homely place to  stretch out with a cold one in summer. These guys prepare seasonal, local fayre, suitable for a catch up over drinks or a meal with family. Brunch, Lunch, Snacks, Supper. And UYOC for a discount on your take out coffee! They don't so any disposable cups here. Magic. 

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Seasonal, local, owner-operated goodness in Devonport. WIne lovers, food fanatics - a perfect spot to spend summer. Plant based or omnivores catered to with food made with love by folks who live and breathe hospo. Take some time out and let them care for you. Really. 


IG: @vondel_akl

Better Shoes Foundation

We came across these guys and thought they may be your cup of tea too. Click HERE to have a real read...or for a snippet of their intro, read on..👠 

You wouldn’t think shoes would be dangerous, would you? But they can be - for the environment, and for the people who make them.

The footwear industry has never been particularly well known for its sustainable practices, and as the pace of fashion has quickened we’ve begun buying more shoes, and throwing them away more easily.

Traditional shoe-crafting has given way to mass production, eating up resources and sending an average of three pairs of shoes per person to landfills every year. That's an awful lot of waste!

Plus, the quest for cheaper and faster production has also encouraged the exploitation of vulnerable workers through long hours, low pay and dangerous working conditions.

Catching up with the trend setters


While the fashion industry as a whole has begun to consider the issues surrounding sustainability, footwear remains a highly polluting trade. The combination of a lack of awareness, loose standards, product complexity and fierce competition makes it a highly challenging shift.

So far, some encouraging steps have been taken by both small and large shoe brands. But there’s much more that can still be done.

That’s why Po-Zu set up The Better Shoes Foundation - to promote sustainable development and practices across the global shoe industry by providing an open-source platform where people can be inspired by the advances others are making. 

Sharing best practice



We think it’s important to provide accessible tools for those who want to work towards a better way of making shoes, which should ultimately benefit us all - the workers, the consumers, and the environment.

The consolidated data that make up this platform includes information, guidance and ideas that we hope will prove useful to those looking to explore this relatively new issue further and adopt more practical sustainable solutions.

And we hope to add to it regularly. The Better Shoes Foundation is very much a work in progress and we welcome any constructive comments and suggestions in order to make further improvements.

After all, the more people who get involved and the more knowledge we can pull together, the greater the impact we can have.


Brown Dog Espresso

Almost Napier and almost Hastings, Brown Dog Espresso is a gem in Haumoano. Here it is. Pretty as a picture. I would ask them to my wedding for sure, to keep the brew flowing, and because one  look at their social shows that they're serious about coffee and fun AND keep cups. Click HERE to get in touch...


IG: @browndogespresso