Nowhere & Everywhere

For inspiritaion and advice, have a look at these guys Nowhere & Everywhere Co. Click HERE to visit with them. Believe in science. Reduce our plastics. Eat from the ground. Equality, Empathy & Freedom. Explore the open road. Consume less. 


Image IG: @nowhereandeverywhere_


CupCycling - a simple solution and an easy alterantive to single use. If you are a cafe in NZ, or anywhere that sells take out coffee, click HERE to learn how you can become part of a nationwide initiative to cut single use waste waaaaay down. 

Yonder a Queenstown gem. And summer is coming. That's it. Go there. Let them make you happy. 

IG: @yonderqt

MOA Bakery

Oamaru - you lucky, lucky town you. MOA Bakery (Move Over Allergies) has changed the way we think about the east coast journey. A healthy stop for travellers and locals alike - gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free. All the yum, all the goodness, none of the trouble. And, you can shop online! Read more about MOA here

IG: @moabakery 

EU Ban Single Use

Have a read HERE - and New Zealand, shall we step up? Click HERE to reach our instagram and share your thoughts with us...

Kiwi Bottle Drive... coming. Click HERE for links to get involved and to sign a petition that can bring Cash For Trash back to New Zealand. November 27th is the day when stuff will be happening. Check FB for more...

Café Mimosa

Congrats to making Metro Mags Top 50 Auckland cafes! This is a homely and cosy café, nestled in Takapuna, Auckland. Proudly serving a wholesome range of homemade plantbased meals and goodies. These guys are diet conscious and have treats for gf customers to enjoy too. Smoothie bowls, baking, juices, salads and heary meals. Pouring Kokako Coffee and seling Keep cups. A one-stop shop. Happy belly and happy soul.


IG: @mimosaloves

Curbside Café

When your journeys take you Tolaga Bay, stop and see Verity and the crew at the small but perfect Curbside Cafe, on wheels, by the ocean, full of welcoming smiles. Burgers and smoothies, coffee and catering, they will take care of you, locals and visitors alike. Say hello from us, and remember to Use Your Own Cup for a hearty discount on your brew!

IG: @curbside_cafe