Dudley's Cottage

Beautiful Arrowtown. And historic Dudley's is the heart of it. Open all day for goodness to eat in on to pack up eat on the bike trails or walks that spread out from Dudley's. Click HERE for more about this delightful cafe, gift store and info hub. 

Jaks Island Paradise

Ahhh, we love these guys 🌏❤✊ fully love- loaded for the reuse revolution with a mug library, a UYOC discount, free water refill and not a plastic straw in sight - only nom and yum and good vibes in Nelson. AND, click HERE to find out catering and then hand things over to Jaks. Relax. Eat. Be merry.

IG: @jaksisland

Everyday Sustainability...

We're thrilled that Laurianne English has chosen to write a wee piece about us on her Sustainability blog. Click HERE for a read...


They love coffee, roast coffee, sell coffee, drink coffee, but this place is more than just a coffee shop - more than a stylish and gentle place to eat and drink: Excelso Coffee are passionate about their environmental footprint, they work hard to support others through grass-roots giving and they also run training courses for the new baristas of this world. Champions. 

IG: @excelso_coffee

Oh Terra Mia!

Ok, so you just have to go to Arrowtown and eat. And eat. And eat. Start the day with pastries, fresh juices, refreshing teas and perfect coffee. Come back for lunch and demolish an italian style pizza. Return for dinner, after a nap, and eat everything else. That's about it. Who feels like a Terra Mia pizza road trip?

IG: @terra.mia.arrowtown

Goodness at The Good Earth

Handy for the uni campus, windows to let the Dunedin sun pour in, a mug library, a smiling crew, tasty, seasonal menu, full kitchen and cabinet goods. We love thes guys. Just love them. Plastic straw free and all about doing things the right way. Say hey from us. 

IG: @goodearthdunedin

The Hub Social

This shining star is Vlad from The Hub, Tretham, Wellington. Vlad runs thsi community for community cafe and Op Shop. Good vibes, big smiles, so go be local and eat and drink in. These guys are a part of the Idea CupCycling intiative, a cup swap between cafes. They are also big fans fo Pay It Forward. Love them 


IG: @thehubtrentham


...made me smile, too. So, the guys at Southern District Health Board and Wellness South have come up with this app to connect carers in Southern Region who are super family friendly. Click HERE if you are a parent who still likes to enjoy coffee!