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This is Alberto, at Bird On A Wire, Newmarket 🌻  It's the crew, the baristas, the FOH, the kitchen hands, the wait staff, the roasters, the cleaning team, all working crazy hours that hold this industry together. When you see them, give them the smiles. We are lost without them!

From The Gram

Something to think about, that we can all take action on from @inthesoulshine 🌎🌱 Would you rather have one pound of beef or take 26 showers? Have 40 pints of beer? Or even do 40 loads of laundry? All those things take the same amount of water. Doesn't make meat seem very sustainable, does it? Not only does producing meat take up a lot of land, cause deforestation, and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but it also drains our freshwater resources. Meat is a thirsty business. But by going plant-based for one week, one person can save 10,500 gallons of water! Imagine if we all choose plant-based foods over meat, our planet would thank us 🌎🌱 Credit

Read, Learn, Act

There are so many alternatives to single use. Click HERE to read about a heap of them from the Rethink Plastic Alliance, including case studies from around the world. It's time for New Zealand to step up...

Takeaway Throwaways here. So now we can do something real about it...Click HERE to find out what it's all about ...

Responsible Cafes

So proud to work with and for cafes and eateries like Level One, Christchurch ~ 🌺 " B L I S S
Second batch on the go! Bring your keep cup and take a chai for a still on the beach,"

Eat More Plants

Click HERE to read a personal, thoughtful and positive account of one UYO cafe's journey towards a plant based future...from Get Fixed Bicycle Cafe, Porirua ~ We're proud to work with and for them 🌱


Many of our cafes are happy to sell you beans to take home to brew, in your own containers. Use the guide to find them. A word about that from our mates at Mojo 🌻 ~ "Meet Lambros, Master Roaster and OG of Mojo 😎 Bring in any reusable container to the Roastery (37 Customhouse Quay, Wellington)and he’ll be happy to fill it with freshly roasted coffee. Or stop by The Beanery (180 Lambton Quay, Wellington) and choose from a variety of single origin coffee."

Proud To Represent

...Ruben Cafe, 100 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland 🌱💖 "Stocking delicious treats from Teed Street Larder and Little and Friday, Ruben Cafe has a friendly, modern atmosphere that makes it easy to relax in the heart of this busy business district." ⭐️ Proudly pouring The Rise Coffee Co ⭐️