You Beauties...

Kokako Coffee have a new Kokako gem, at Commercial Bay, Queen Street, Auckland. And yeh the coffee will be superb, and yeh the staff will be lovely, BUT, look at this! Look at it! ðŸŒ» ~ "To all the BYO cuppers out there — this is for you! With the help of our friends at @keepcup, we’ve installed a cup rinser right by the till just incase your reusable has been in the bottom of your bag for a few days and is looking a little worse for wear. No more awkward manky cup hand overs to the baristas. Rinse it and fill it." 

Little Things, Big Changes

This is Ivy & Bean and they have been a UYO cafe since day one ðŸŒ» What we love about this? See the sauce pots? They are real. Not single use paper sachets. Not single use sachets. Little ways to reduce single use make a difference. Cut costs, cut waste, make the meal a special one. 

Proud To Represent

...ADJØ, 10 Bank Street, North East Valley, Dunedin 🍃🐝 "ADJØ is a cafe and gallery focusing on emerging artists and cuisine from the Nordic kitchen. Our space is here to provide an alternative way to view and experience art, mixing with coffee and yummy food, and looking out to the beautiful botanics. We love hosting events like community dinners, live music, workshops, artist talks and more. Upcoming events can be found at ADJØ or on our Facebook page." â­ï¸ Proudly pouring KÅ«kÅ« Coffee Ōtepoti ⭐️

Proud To Represent

CoKo Lounge, 37 Saint Andrew Street, Dunedin ☕️❤️ "Relaxed infusion lounge with a focus on bringing top quality cacao 🍫 drinks, artisan coffee ☕and fine teas 🍵 to Dunedin! Our world-class libations are for everyday drinkers ready to take their morning and afternoon habits to a new level of bioactive delight. From manually pressed artisanal coffee to competition grade matcha and chai latté, we serve to please. Our ceremonial grade raw cacao." â­ï¸ Proudly pouring Mazagran Single Origin Guatemalan ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Tuppence Cafe, 46 Larnach Rd, Waverley, Dunedin 🌎🍴"Suburban Cafe in Waverley. Focus on community, local, organic, free-range, spray-free, sustainability, something for everyone. Owner operator." â­ï¸ Proudly pouring Allpress ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Long Dog Dunedin, 1 Second Beach Rd, St Clair, Dunedin 🐶☀️ "Delicious wholesome goods made by real people sourcing local produce, with the best view in town." â­ï¸ Proudly pouring Allpress ⭐️


Our Government has been clear that reusable cups are on since L3, and the same goes for reusable containers. No one has touched them except you. And we can't say that for single use packagin hey....🌻 so the person in front of you in the queue says this and you immediately KNOW they’d be ok to be stuck in a lift with. You KNOW they’re going to smile to themselves, as they leave the bakery, when they hear you saying the same thing...Search UYOC for cafes who love it when you UYOContainer.

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