Try The Plant Based Options?

These non-dairy shakes from Hello Rosie, at Our Place Tauranga are delicious, delightful, and are contributing to a societal shift towards more sustainable eating and consuming. Small acts makes a huge difference. 

Responsible Influencing

This image is from @thecoffeeshooter 🌻 We're keen as to support instagram accounts that choose to show real coffee in real cups, encouraging us to make time to stay. Branded single use litter has no place in a sustainable and responsible future. We need to make our choices based on ethical practice, not mass litter marketing....

Proud To Represent

...Timbuktu Nomadic Deli, 7 Belgium Street, Ostend, Auckland 🍃💛 "We are a Cafe/Deli Hybrid offering beautiful Coffee, T2 Teas and fresh healthy cabinet foods." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Allpress ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Coffee Bros, Jack's Point, Kawarau Falls 🌲⭐️ Proudly pouring Underground ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Pestle and Mortar, 108 Darlington Road, Miramar, Wellington 🙌🍴 "We are a small suburban café in Miramar, Wellington - right around the corner from Weta Workshop. We offer a range of snacks and snags while pouring local, ethically sourced coffee." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Peoples ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Big Fig Queenstown, 62 Shotover St, Queenstown 💥💚 "Slow food served fast. Big modern Middle Eastern flavours cooked with love. Every day of the week from brekkie til dinner. And if you can't stay, we love it when you choose to use your own cup or container for take-aways." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Allpress ⭐️

Responsible Cafes

This is The Little Black Caravan, using real cups to represent their real good Peoples Coffee. The less we show branded litter as glamorous, the less cafes have to invest in it to promote their businesses. Good news for everyone. 

Tradie Week Is Coming

If you're a buidling, plumbing, sparky, joinery, anything Tradie firm, get in touch...And keep an eye out in Wanaka especially for some good, good incentives for tradies to step up and lead the way into a SUC Free Wanaka.