Getting Ready

Make sure everyone in the bubble has a 'keep cup' for if and when they go get a take out brew? Cost nothing: just time and thought and some stuff we had in the house...Reusables are the new normal, and if they are repurposed reusables they doing twice the job...

Eco Campus

Good things happening at the University of Waikato β˜•πŸŒπŸŒΏ "Waste audits have shown that thousands of takeaway coffee cups go to landfill each week, and a recent audit highlighted 10kg’s of plastic bottles in the Village Green, just in one day.⁠" ~ So? They are doing something about it!

Going Cup Less

Dear NZ Hospo 🌻 Click HERE for free guides and signs 🌻 More and more cafes are doing it. With prior notice, good signage and solutions that are as easy as the existing system, the transition is easy. Search the UYO guide for cafes who have made the move - I can guarantee they will all be keen to share their learning curves, and we are here to help you, support you, praise you and make it work. It just makes sense - economically, ethically, environmentally. And it doesnt have to involve great expense and buy in to complicated cup loan systems. Just work with your customers and make it the new normal. It's happening. You're not alone. 

Proud To Represent...

Marlise and the Escape Coffee Roasters 🌿 15 Liardet Street, New Plymouth πŸŒΏπŸŒ "Our People. Our Planet. Our Community: We are all responsible for what we manifest - Growth with a conscience."

Choose Wisely ~ Keep Cup

If you aren't a make time to stay or jamjar person, click HERE to browse through oh so many gorgeous reusables that are on the market in Aotearoa today. Look at the materials, the pricing, the size, and choose the one that is perfect for you. Choose wisely. An unused reusable is a sad thing. 

Mate Act Now

If you are an instagram user, connect with @mateactnow and be a proactive part of the change? πŸŒΏ This work was created by @harrietveetee πŸŒΏ Small acts, big change. 

Double Goodness

Cafes could team up with local Op Shops? Take their mugs, sterilise them, and sell them 'on behalf of' to customers wanting a coffee to go who don't have a reusable with them? Double goodness.

The New Future

Click HERE to connect with Upstream Solutions, and ask the questions that encapsulate how you want the new future to look like ~ "It’s a future where people, the planet and our communities are seen and treated as indisposable. Where we keep the fossils in the ground and harness the Earth’s natural systems for our energy. Where single-use is history, and real and reusable the new norm."