No Cutlery Thanks...

Click HERE to pick up a bamboo cutlery kit from our mates at Caliwoods, for travel, for take out lunches, for emergencies, because being cutlery independent is a great feeling. And refusing single use cutlery, whatever it is made from, is the way we need to go...

Drink From The Tap

Drinks bottled in any kind of plastic are a potential menace to our waterways, our marine life and, consequently, to our air. All we have to do is commit to drinking the clean water we can all access. 

Stay Safe, But Reuse

Reusable cups are back on the table for coffee lovers during Alert Level 3, with food plans, and level 3 guidelines working together. Clever folks at NZ hospo have created systems to operate that keep them, us and our planet safe ~ Click HERE to read all about it. As they say. 



Mug Library

Dear NZ Hospo 🌻 Click HERE for free guides and signs 🌻 Providing an alternative, such as retaling reusables, or having a mug library, or a jar library, can hugely reduce your waste output, and the constant cost of single use packaging. There are may ways to go about it, so have a read - And it works for bowls, plates, containers too. Some cafes ask for a deposit. We find that trust is best. Becuase isn't that what this is all about? Doing things differently? Turning away from exisitng business models that involve the inevitable exchnage of $$$ and instead saying, "We're a community, so let's behave like one". It could change the world....

Loving Our Artists

Introducing Unknown Ceramics 🌿 Small batch ceramics. 💯 of profits go towards projects in Kenya through Bright Hope World  🌿 Click HERE to connect 


Glass jars, sterilized and snug inside upcycled, neoprene sleeves. SO simple. So good. 

Green Washing?

'Biodegradable', 'Eco', 'Sustainable', 'Natural'. even 'Made in New Zealand' - if you are concerned that you are being misled, have a little read of this informative and digestible article from Jenny Keown at The Spin Off HERE. 

Image from The Spin Off online. 

More from Jenny IG@: @one_lady_fighting_plastic 

JS Ceramics handmade

Supporting local is precious. As is owning one good thing and taking care of it. 🌿 Handcrafted ceramics, Te Puna, Tauranga  🌿 Click HERE to connect with Jen & Tom