Stay Safe, But Reuse

Reusable cups are back on the table for coffee lovers during Alert Level 3, with food plans, and level 3 guidelines working together. Clever folks at NZ hospo have created systems to operate that keep them, us and our planet safe ~ Click HERE to read all about it. As they say. 



Mug Library

Dear NZ Hospo 🌻 Click HERE for free guides and signs 🌻 Providing an alternative, such as retaling reusables, or having a mug library, or a jar library, can hugely reduce your waste output, and the constant cost of single use packaging. There are may ways to go about it, so have a read - And it works for bowls, plates, containers too. Some cafes ask for a deposit. We find that trust is best. Becuase isn't that what this is all about? Doing things differently? Turning away from exisitng business models that involve the inevitable exchnage of $$$ and instead saying, "We're a community, so let's behave like one". It could change the world....

Loving Our Artists

Introducing Unknown Ceramics 🌿 Small batch ceramics. 💯 of profits go towards projects in Kenya through Bright Hope World  🌿 Click HERE to connect 


Glass jars, sterilized and snug inside upcycled, neoprene sleeves. SO simple. So good. 

Green Washing?

'Biodegradable', 'Eco', 'Sustainable', 'Natural'. even 'Made in New Zealand' - if you are concerned that you are being misled, have a little read of this informative and digestible article from Jenny Keown at The Spin Off HERE. 

Image from The Spin Off online. 

More from Jenny IG@: @one_lady_fighting_plastic 

JS Ceramics handmade

Supporting local is precious. As is owning one good thing and taking care of it. 🌿 Handcrafted ceramics, Te Puna, Tauranga  🌿 Click HERE to connect with Jen & Tom 

From The Gram

This pic was sent ot us via instagram dm by @megglesnz 🌺 So happy everytime someone takes time to refill, to notice and to share. This kind of thing, this is how change happens. 

Richard Naylor

We only need one good cup...🌿 This is Richard - an Auckland based potter making good things well 🌿 Click HERE to connect with Richard