Green Washing?

'Biodegradable', 'Eco', 'Sustainable', 'Natural'. even 'Made in New Zealand' - if you are concerned that you are being misled, have a little read of this informative and digestible article from Jenny Keown at The Spin Off HERE. 

Image from The Spin Off online. 

More from Jenny IG@: @one_lady_fighting_plastic 

JS Ceramics handmade

Supporting local is precious. As is owning one good thing and taking care of it. 🌿 Handcrafted ceramics, Te Puna, Tauranga  🌿 Click HERE to connect with Jen & Tom 

From The Gram

This pic was sent ot us via instagram dm by @megglesnz 🌺 So happy everytime someone takes time to refill, to notice and to share. This kind of thing, this is how change happens. 

Richard Naylor

We only need one good cup...🌿 This is Richard - an Auckland based potter making good things well 🌿 Click HERE to connect with Richard 

Wake Up

It's a wake up call. Time to wake up. Say 'Hold the straw' and concentrate on making refuse, reuse, refill, repurpose and reduce a part of all our lives. Our future really depends upon it. This image was created by Weston Fuller, and you can see more of his work by clicking HERE.

From The Gram

Wise words from our instasista @sarahlazarovic ⭐ Click HERE to connect to her instagram for inspiration and a feeling of 'yup, that makes sense' ⭐ Oh, and want to know where to start? Refuse single use. Reduce or ditch dairy and meat. Support local. Use your powers. 

Galit Maxwell

Potter • Painter • Face Painter • 🌿 POTTERY ONLINE SHOP - Wellington based 🌿 Click HERE to connect 

From Roasters To You...

Click the leaf 🌿 to order up the goods online from Dunedin based roasters, Commonground Espresso. Cover your coffee cravings AND support local businesses. Winning like winners.