Local, Direct, Transparent & Ethically Sourced

News from Peoples Coffee: Provisions is about preparing for a new future, and the love of good food and drink. We are excited to deliver a grocery-like service with a unique hospitality experience that we are known and loved for at both Constable and Lukes.  

By serving quality goods from local artisans partnered together with our coffee, Provisions tells the story of local, direct, transparent, quality and ethically sourced provisions to benefit our everyday lives. 

Our stores on Constable Street (Newtown) and at Lukes Lane (Wellington CBD) are going to change. We say goodbye to tables and chairs and hello to tasteful displays and shelving. We shift from a dine in experience to more of a general store stocking everyday goods & essential necessities for you to grab and go. 

Made In Aotearoa

Meet Ann O'Sullivan: Devonport, Auckland based. Teaches small group workshops 🌿 All of her pieces are unique and handmade 🌿 Click HERE to connect 

Over The Ditch

Hailing from Australia, but stocking many of our cafes, and working on an NZ base, this is Pottery For The Planet. It is what it is: Pottery for the planet. 

SLP talks with Matt Lamason

Click the pasta bowl 🍝 to listen to the Sick Leave Podcast, a safe place for anyone with any connection to hospo...  ~ "Candid and honest chats with business leaders/owners/operators about their journeys with mental illness, mental wellness and everything in between ~ In this episode, Matt Lamason, Founder of Peoples Coffee joins us to talk about dealing with servere anxiety while running a growing coffee company, handling panic attacks, nutrition, tupperware and much much more."

Saskia Hendrikse Pottery

Potter 🌿 Maker of creative functional ceramics 🌿 Hand made with love 🌿 Click HERE to connect with Saskia

Three Cups Of Tea

Handmade, small batch ceramics designed to be used 🌿 Dunedin, New Zealand 🌿 Click HERE to connect with Karen and Elise 

SLP talks with Greg Cornes

Click the cookie 🍪 to listen in to one of the superb Sick Leave Podcasts series, that provide insight, support and a safe place for those working in hospo, loving those who do, or anyone who wants to understand the pressure and realities of hospo life: "Candid and honest chats with business leaders/owners/operators about their journeys with mental illness, mental wellness and everything in between" ~ In this episode Greg Cornes, owner-operator of Goodness Gracious cafes in Auckland shares his experiences around opening and managing a multi-site business, opening cafes in the midst of family tragedy, and the pressures of managing and leading your team whilst dealing with what life throws at you.

Sticks & Stones

Celebrating NZ artists ~ Here's Toni 🌼 Handmade, small batch potter, working out of Invercargill 🌼 Click HERE to contact Toni Vincent