From The Gram

A word or more from instafamily @upstreamsolutions ~ other side of the world but relevant as heck 🌻 ~ "Ready to go #indisposable in the work place? Let’s make progress—not pollution. It can be frustrating to try to do the right thing when “just throw it away” is the standard. Many office buildings & work sites still have foam cups & plastic lids by the coffee machines, & fridges stocked with single-use bottles. Or even if there is a water cooler, there’s often a small stack of plastic cups ready to be thrown “away” & never thought of again—even when every piece of plastic ever created will ALWAYS exist in some form.

The best place to start building a better way than throw-away where you work is to share your stories & open up the conversation. Bring your reusable bottles & cups & talk about your weekly savings from refilling. Pack your lunch in a reusable container, bring your own utensils, & talk to your team about saving money by generating less trash to be picked up or dropped off at the dump. Ask your colleagues if they know where their recyclables really end up—depending on your community, this could be an incinerator upstate or an export company shipping plastics to Indonesia, or your local landfill.

And when your team’s engaged, ask if they’re ready to save money & improve your company’s environmental impact by switching to reuse. If your team can’t wash dishes on site, talk about reuse systems like @cupclub that can provide your workplace with REAL mugs, then pick them up to wash & bring back.

Keep being the example of a better way. The world is catching up 💪🌎💯"

From The Gram

This is our instasista @niuvegan at UYO Cafe, Yonder, Queenstown. 🌻🌱 You know you can use the uyo guide to find cafes who serve plant based alternatives to dairy, and kai for conscious eaters too, other than just chips?  Though chips can be dang good....

On The Road

Wherever you roam, a reusable cup will be your best buddy. Fill it up with water in the cafe when you have your lunch, watermelon juice from the buffet at breakfast, a hot chocolate takeout after dinner for strolling the streets of Paris or Hamilton. Everywhere you go, always take your keep cup with you ✌️

Use Your Democracy

NO MORE TIME TO WASTE: GETTING ACTION UNDER THE WASTE MINIMISATION ACT 2008! - This LINK connects you to the 'Be a Tirading Kiwi' series: a resource by The Rubbish Trip to help support the public to advocate on waste minimisation issues so we can bring about change in New Zealand waste policy. They focus on waste problems in New Zealand for which there are easy policy and business solutions (i.e. start with the ‘low-hanging fruit’), outline these solutions in an accessible way (with extension reading for those who are really into it), and provide tips for communicating these solutions to politicians, policymakers, business people and the wider public. They also share information about what New Zealand’s waste policy, practice and law looks like, to help you get your bearings!

Refuse The Plastic Fish

Ask to splash some soy from the restaurant's own containers, or keep a wee bottle at work or in the car. We love the soy. We don't love the fish. They can't be recycled and the wee buggers turn up all over the place. 🌿 Thanks for the image to @banplasticfish

The Koha Jar Project

For cafes, for markets, for school fairs...🌻 Click HERE for guides and signs 🌻 Working together with the wider community can be a great way to get the job of replacing throwaways with reusers done, but more than that, it can create real behaviour change. The KohaJar Project is one we are trialing at the Otago Farmers Market, and Taupo Market, where we ask local schools to create 'keeep cups' for koha, helping the markets reduce single use waste - providing a wholesome solution that is easy on the market vendors, is hassle free for the market management and is gorgeous as heck for shopers and visitors - and it's social media gold. It's a win for everyone. If you are keen to take something like this on, get in touch - we're always keen to help out with making those first introductions and doing the research for you. 

Back To The Tap

By inviting us to refill our personal water flasks for free, so many UYO cafes are making it normal to refuse single use plastic bottles. We just have no need to buy bottled water again. That kinda thing has no place in the land of the long white cloud. 

The Only Good Cup.. the one you use, over and over again. So whether you use a jam jar like me, or a keep cup, or your nana's coffee mug, just keep using it. Click HERE to some options...and remember, one good thing and look after it.