Reuse, Refill, Repeat

We know that bottled water in a land with taps and waterfalls is a scam. We like to open out mouths under taps, but if you prefer to drink with a touch more aplomb, look at this darling 34oz Ceramic Reusable Bottle from the Frank Green kids. Triple-wall vacuum insulation, your liquid of choice will stay cold (or hot!) for hours at a time. Click HERE to connect...

Single Use Free Wanaka

The Wanaka community is well on the journey to be SUCFree Wanaka by 2022. ☕️ They will be using lots of strategies to get there: education, community initiatives and cup swap systems, like Wanakup and AgainAgain. Cllick HERE to follow @dontchuckyourmuck on insta to keep up with it?

Simply Being Conscious

These 100 mugs were collected by a school class for their hot choc stall at the school gala! Thanks to insta account @simplybeingconscious for sharing this goodness. They are also using glass jars for their spiders and floats stall. Zero waste, community, getting it done.

Where Is Away?

Before we buy, ask do we 'need'? Before we throw, ask can we reuse or repurpose? Use your own stuff - cups, cutlery, chopsticks, containers. Take care of your own stuff - mend rather than replace. Take stewardship over all you have? Click HERE to connect with @brenna_quinlan on instagram. She has things to say and see that are vital. 

No Green Wash Please

Not only is refusing single use the new black, it's vital. At UYOC we KNOW we can do better than to use something for 5 minutes then chuck it. Also, we love the work of artist Carla. Click HERE to see some more clever calls to action.

IG: @carladrawz

Be The Change?

Small steps, taken by many feet is a huge journey. If you're a cafe, why not list with us? Click HERE to find out what it's all about. Or want to read more? Click HERE for some of our media...


IG: @focusmagazinenz

Reuse Evolution

Iced coffee, smoothies, milk shakes, kombucha, juice, iced chocolate - if you can drink it, you  can drink it from a reusable cup. Too easy. And if you're an instagram user, tag when you choose to reuse and we will always, always share on our stories. 

Scavenger - OZ

This is a Responsible Froth jar from our mates over the ditch at Scavenger. If you are an instagram user, click HERE to connect. We love this ingenuity - just gets the job done. It’s a reusable, returnable, refundable coffee cup, and it’s a good reason why single-use disposables should be a thing of the past🌻 made of 100% recycled material 🌻 recycled neoprene sleeve keeps your coffee hot 🌻genuinely sealable AKA can be plonked in a bag to be drunk later without worrying whether it’s leaked (or where you’ll get another coffee from🙈) 🌻 At $5, it is by a long margin the cheapest reusable on the market, and as inventor @lucky__roland has been shouting about, a “bloody no-brainer!!!” 🌻 CHOOSE TO REUSE!