Use Your Own...

If you work or live local, why not take along your own plates or containers for takeouts? It'll make you a star and you can bet they'll remember you for the next time 🌈

Photo thanks to IG: @wiseboysburgers

Stop Sucking

You can use the UYOC guide to find a cafe near you now who has said NOPE to all plastic straws, including so called 'eco plastic' straws. They do us wrong. So remember to choose a cafe who isn't playing that game, or remember to say 'No straw thanks' when you order your drink. You have the power to change what is acceptable. 🖍 Thanks to ICONEO design for the image. 

Free Water For All

You know you can use UYOC to search for a cafe near you now who will happily refill your personal water flask for free? Whether or not you are a customer? Legends like Big Fig, Queenstown who are working with us to reduce avoidble waste. 🙏 Image thanks to @queenstownlife


Never be embarrassed to Use Your Own Container, either when you order take out food (write your name and order on the lid!?) or about taking home food you can't quite manage, for your lunch the next day, or for your chooks, or worm farm, or compost. Every thing we do makes a difference...

Use Your Own Cup

Just pick one thing at a time, and stick to it. Create the new habit. If you forget your reusable, use uyoc to find a cafe near you with a mug library where you can borrow one. Or make time to stay, or say 'Hey, my planet is worth more than my coffee urge', and go without?

Composting Stuff

Want to compost at home or work or in the cafe and don't know what system will work for you? Have a wee wormy look at the 1 million women blog for a good starting place...Click HERE to start diverting food and kitchen waste from landfill. 

Image IG: @compostthat - we love these guys!

Download & Print

Click HERE if you would like some free printable downloads to help your reuse revolution in your cafe, home or workplace. We got all kinds of goodness, top tips, signs, posters, door hangers! Use us!



So, you're getting real good at refusing single use cups, straws and containers. You're cutting back or cutting out dairy and meat - what's next? Try not buying stuff? Try and have week of not buying anything you don't really need... 🍉 CLick to link to the extremely talented and super proactive artist, Carla Scotto, HERE