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Click HERE if you would like some free printable downloads to help your reuse revolution in your cafe, home or workplace. We got all kinds of goodness, top tips, signs, posters, door hangers! Use us!



So, you're getting real good at refusing single use cups, straws and containers. You're cutting back or cutting out dairy and meat - what's next? Try not buying stuff? Try and have week of not buying anything you don't really need... 🍉 CLick to link to the extremely talented and super proactive artist, Carla Scotto, HERE

Everywhere you go...

...always take your Keep Cup with you. Or your Frank Green. Or your Joco CupSol Cup, Stojo Cup or Ideal Cup (NZ made!). Or your very own mug or jam jar from home. Caring is the new cool, and the new anti-cool. So don't fight it...

Made In Aotearoa

When we have so much talent in Aotearoa, why would we drink our coffee from throwaway cups? We deserve better, our coffee deserves better and our land deserves better. Click HERE to connect with the insta of @shpotterynz 

What Kiwis Do Best common sense, no messing about. The no.8 wire approach - Ask what is the problem? What have we got laying about that we can use to fix it? Our waste stream is munted - we have mugs and jam jars. Done. Use UYOC to search for cafes who have Mug Libraries. 

Image thanks to IG: @signofthekiwinz

Be The Change

Talking about the problems that we are facing isn't enough. Time to take action, to choose to refuse single use, to be kind in all our actions, to aim for an increasingly plant based diet, to vote with our dollars and use our people power. If we all get on with it, future us will be ok. 

Be Your Own Friend

Remind yourself by leaving little notes on the mirror? Leave your reusables beside you wallet or bag and house keys? Be tough on yourself too. No reusable cup = no take away coffee. Trying our best means trying our BEST. 


That's it really. We can ask to plop some soy on our takeout food while we are in the restaurant. Job done. Little fishes are big trouble...