Be Your Own Friend

Remind yourself by leaving little notes on the mirror? Leave your reusables beside you wallet or bag and house keys? Be tough on yourself too. No reusable cup = no take away coffee. Trying our best means trying our BEST. 


That's it really. We can ask to plop some soy on our takeout food while we are in the restaurant. Job done. Little fishes are big trouble...

Long Black Please?

Why eating less meat and drinking less dairy are the best things you can do for our water, land and airπŸ’š 

Refuse, Reduce, Refill

We can address the issues that threaten our future right now ~ Refuse single use take out cups ~ Reduce meat and dairy ~ Refill a personal water flask and don't buy bottled water again. How you DON'T spend your dollars makes a real, tangible difference. Your actions are the solution.

Respect Your Mother

She's the only one you've got - small things, repeated: Refuse avoidable single use; ditch meat and dairy - or ask yourself πŸŒ Image thanks to New Kind Festival 

Moa Bakery

The tastiest treats 🌟 DISPOSABLE CUP FREE πŸ’ CAFE, BAKERS, CAKERY, OAMARU, POURING GOOD FORTUNE COFFEE 🌏 Sells Reusable STOJO and Joco Cups πŸŒΏ Responsible Food Waste 🍎 Refined Sugar Free πŸ’ No Plastic Straws Here πŸ‰ Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks πŸ„ Vegan  πŸ° Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own Container πŸ’ Event Catering β˜• Container Library πŸ† Throwaway Cup Surcharge πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYO for MOA Bakery, Cakery to see more…

Ti Kouka

Our philosophy is to use local, sustainable and organic produce whenever possible. ⭐ CAFE, WELLINGTON, PROUDLY POURING FLIGHT COFFEE β­ UYOC discount πŸŒ Sells Reusable JOCO Cups πŸ’ No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own ContainerπŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYO for  Ti Kouka Cafe to see more…

Checking In Aro Café with @ablondetraveller πŸŒŸ

"2019 will always be remembered as the year I had a Corgi as brunch date 🌭✨"

Aro Café