Proud To Represent

...Marbecks Cafe & Foodstore, 211 George St, Dunedin 👍🌟

"We would love to see you down here at the store. Come and join us for some delicious food, great coffee and friendly people. We stock an amazing array of speciality foods from around the world, as well as many local suppliers. Our café is perfect for a yummy lunch or a quick pick me up. Come make yourself at home at Marbecks Foodstore. And please, use your own cup or container if you don't have time to stay?" ⭐️ Proudly pouring L'affare ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Choco Loco, 47b Commercial St, Takaka 💓⚡️

"A funky little chocolate shop and cafe that makes and sells award winning kick ass hand made chocolates, divine chocolate desserts and pastries and Sublime coffee. Yes really!" ⭐️ Proudly pouring Sublime ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar, 10 Clarendon St, North Dunedin 💚🌿

"Ombrellos Kitchen and Bar is Dunedin's premium craft beer restaurant: up to 15 craft beers, quirky restaurant and cosy private dining rooms, along with a stunning courtyard - perfect for summer lunches and after-work drinks." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Strictly Coffee Co ⭐️

Proud To Represent

...The Botanist, 219 Onepu Rd, Lyall Bay, Wellington 👉🐳

"The Botanist brings the best in delicious organic vegetarian & vegan fare to the stunning south coast of Wellington. Views to the sea, with a sheltered sunny north facing courtyard, six rotating craft beer taps, botanical cocktails, local & organic wines." ⭐️ Proudly pouring Peoples Coffee ⭐️

Support Cafes who Support Reuse

This image is from our friends, really, friends, @reusablenation 🌻 But what to do if your local doesn't allow reusable cups? Be kind and kindly go elsewhere. You do not have to accept single use. You have the choice. You make change happen. Your dollars. 

Reuse & Repurpose

"Have you seen our sustainable bags? Recycled from green bean coffee sacks and lined with different designs. They are perfect for those market hauls! 🌼" ~ Excelso Cafe, Tauranga

From The Gram

This image is from @projectaware 🌻 Following social media accounts that support reuse, that highlight the problems, the severe problems, caused by reuse is a good way to lift their work while reminding ourselves to strive to do better. Every day. 

Proud To Represent

...Daily Dose, 98 Macandrew Rd, South Dunedin ⚡️🐳

"Cafe and Dispensary. Grab you daily dose of goodness from Daily Dose Cafe. Good healthy food with good healthy advice from antidote pharmacy. We sell Frank Green cups in store and are proud to feed all dietary requirements with goodness. This is our KETO SUPERNOVA!" ⭐️ Proudly pouring L'affare ⭐️