Bespoke Kitchen

Fresh, unprocessed and local 🌟 POURING ALLPRESS, CAFE, EATERY, QUEENSTOWN  πŸŒ Sells Reusable Keep Cups πŸ’ Pet Friendly 🌿 Responsible Food Waste 🐒 No Plastic Straws Here 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own Container  πŸ’§ Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ’ Event Catering 🌻 Take Out Grounds For Your Garden πŸ“± Free Wifi πŸŒˆ Click their name here or do a little search on UYO for  Bespoke Kitchen to see more…

A Review

...of Tahlulas Cafe from @sso1021🌸

"Before driving up to Auckland, we fuelled up with the amazing food and coffee Tahlulas Cafe β˜•οΈπŸ˜‹πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ‘"

A Review

...of Mojo from πŸ’—

"Delicious Nourish Bowl at Mojo Coffee with grilled chicken. So many textures & flavours, it really was a bowl of goodness πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‹πŸ“Mojo Cafe, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland."

Tank Lincoln

Can't forget the big guys 🌟 JUICE BAR, SALAD BAR, AUCKLAND 🌏 Sells Tank Juice Reusable Cups πŸ… Salads and Wraps πŸŒ± Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Gluten Free Options 🍱 Use Your Own Container πŸ‰ Juice and Smoothies πŸ’§Free water for all 🌈 Do a little search on UYO for TANK LINCOLN to see more…

Night N Day

Absolutely stoked to welcome the entire Night N Day family to the UYO guide β­πŸŒ™ And if you haven't heard, this whole month of Feb, the NnD legends are gifting a free brew to everyone one fo us who steps up and chooses reuse not single use. AND they now stock Ideal Cup in store too. Making it easy. 

Z Lakeside

Small steps πŸ’› AUCKLAND, Z Espress Coffee and Fresh Food 🌏 Discount When You UYOC 🌱 Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks 🍰 Use Your Own Container 🌻 Take Out Grounds For Your Garden ⏰ Open 24hrs 🚾 Bathrooms 🏧 ATM here β˜€οΈ Sells reusable cups πŸ’› Do a little search on UYO forZ Lakeside to see more...

Rove Cafe & Bar

A taste of life in Wanaka! ⭐ Cafe, Bar, Eatery Wanaka ⭐ Proudly pouring See Crow Fly Coffee πŸŒUYOC Discount  πŸ’ No Plastic Straws Here πŸŒ± Plant Based Options/Alt Mylks πŸ° Gluten Free Options πŸ±Use Your Own Container πŸ’§Free Water Refill For Anyone πŸ’ Event Catering πŸ“±Free Wifi πŸ’ Pet Friendly  πŸŒˆ Do a little search on UYO  or click their name πŸ‘‰ Rove Cafe and Bar to see more… 

Coffee Culture Sumner

Game changers 🌟 CAFE, CHRISTCHURCH 🌏 Sell reusable Keep Cups πŸ₯Pet friendly 🌱 Plant based options 🍰 Gluten free options 🍱 Use your own container here 🌻 Coffee grounds to go πŸ“±Free Wifi 🌸 Do a little search for Coffee Culture Sumner with us to find out more….