Tricky's Sandwich Co

πŸ’§Free water for all at Tricky's Sandwhich CoπŸ’§πŸŒŸ SANDWICH BAR, CAFE, UPPER HUTT, POURING RIPE COFFEE ⭐ Discount when you UYOC πŸ₯Pet friendly 🌿 Responsible food waste 🐬 No plastic straws options 🍰 Gluten free options 🍱  Use your own container here πŸŽ‚ Outside catering  πŸŒ»  Coffee grounds to go β˜• CupCycling here πŸŒΈ Do a little search for Tricky's Sandwich Co with UYO to find out more….

A Review

πŸ’§Free water for allπŸ’§A review of Lashings from @wellingnoms β€οΈ "Scone Noms: Say hello πŸ‘‹πŸΌ to the Lashings Food cheese scone 😍 it’s definitely the scone you want to have when you need a little EXTRA somethin’ somethin’ from ya scone, especially with that hot sauce glaze! πŸ‘πŸΌ"

They Got An App!

Finding places to refill your water flask just became even easier this summer! Click HERE to have a look at the new Refill NZ app, locations all around Aotearoa where you can fill up. Between them and us, man, hydration without wastation is easy. 

A Review

...of New Leaf Kombucha from @halalbitesnz πŸŒ±

"Fancy Kombucha? Check out Auckland's Kombucha taproom and say Hi to Diego the parrot at New Leaf Kombucha 😍"

Checking In Drifter Coffee with @thegoodswefound πŸ’› "Little local spots with vintage clothing racks, toasted sammies and the yummest iced coconut chocolate ✌🏼 if you are out these ways come find Drifter Coffee. This was my dads workshop growing up so many years spent in this rad little building. πŸ’›"

Welcome To UYO

This is Catalyst, Dunedin. Grateful to them for welcoming us to Use Your Own, cup, plate, bowl, anything, when we don't have time to stay πŸŒΏ β˜• Proudly pouring Kokako 🌻 Sells reusable Keepcups  πŸ± UYOContainer welcome for takeouts and leftovers πŸŒΏ Plant based options πŸ’§ Free water for allπŸ’°UYOC discount πŸŒ·Used coffee grounds for your garden πŸ° GF options πŸ’»Free wifi πŸ™ No plastic straws friendly   πŸ’ Catering πŸ’« Click HERE for more about Catalyst, 286 Princes Street, Dunedin


If you're a foodie, a blogger or a happy snapper, you can send your images of any UYO cafe to us HERE and we will publish it on their image gallery. We'll always credit you, and if you give us your instagram or blog URL we will link back to you too. Sound good? Nice. 

Use us to find...

...cafes who are more than happy for you to take away coffee grinds for your garden, or for making skin and face masks. Whatever makes you happy! Keeping organic waste out of landfill and using trash for treasure.