Our Heroes

These people are our heroes- we just want you guys to know them 🌈 Roll over and click for more...

When you combine hungry people in the community, the masses of quality, wasted food from cafes & eateries daily + passionate people who want to get involved. Something beautiful is bound to happen...
— Click HERE for Kairos Free Store
Sharing profits, sparking realisations, empowering women and men who/to hold respect for each other as their core value. Clothing with integrity. Vital and proactive. We admire you.
— Click HERE for Nope Sisters Clothing
A movement to identify and celebrate those in Aotearoa Hospo who are walking the walk, owner operators who practice their craft, with passion, and with respect for the real world that we are all a part of.
— Click HERE for The Realness World
Not for profit - Just for good. Giving us a way to locate water refill points all around New Zealand - Bye bye bottled water
— Click HERE for Refill Org NZ
Pay with Choice at the counter instead of a credit or debit card. They will redistribute half of the transaction fee to a charity of your choice. It's simple, free, and helps Kiwis.
— Click HERE for Choice to Pay
These guys operate a directory of cafes who are working to eliminate disposable coffee cups by offering a discount to incentives cafes, The Responsible Cafe banner brings our cousins over the ditch together to be the change.
— Click HERE for Responsible Cafes
Keeping food in bellies and out of landfill, these guys are starting up in the Tauranga area, but reach out? They are building a network and a platform and are dedicated as heck to working with hospo to make it work for hospo.
— Click HERE for Eight Me
"Our mission at ONE New Zealand is to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to accelerate towards a Carbon Zero future and beyond. So let's get to it. Let's start connecting within our community and with our neighbours. Let's come up with good solutions and make sure we get the ground work done for future generations to build on."
— Click HERE for One NZ Community
Two No-Waste Nomads Talk Trash with People in Aotearoa NZ. Presentations, workshops + resources for low-waste living + grassroots zero waste advocacy. These humans are the pople to call to get things moving. Hands on, huge hearts - immediate solution based action. Ego free.
— Click HERE for The Rubbish Trip
A crop with the potential to revolutionise agriculture and industry, repair human health, restore soil health and replace petro-chemical plastics in almost every usage, Hemp is something we believe is key for our future, our economy and our natural capital. These guys are all about cultivating Industrial Hemp growth in NZ & worldwide.
— Click HERE for Hemp For Victory NZ
Funny, passionate, connected to reality, politically aware, grass roots proactive, informed and accessible. We have a lot of time for this fella over the ditch. Share some podcast time with him and keep up to date with what is and what can be.
— Click HERE for Lucky Roland Live
A crew of tough and loving souls, committed to moving their town of Milton Tokomairiro closer and closer to environmental sustainability and social equity. Full of passion. Watch this space...
— Project Bruce