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Here you can find Aotearoa based retailers of reusable products, from keep cups to safety razors, lunch boxes to menstrual cups 🌻 At UYO we love to support local. Let us know how you go? Share your purchases on Instagram and tag us so we can introduce others to the things you love? 🌻 And thank you, again, for choosing to reuse.

The Eco Society
A store where they give you ALL the information about the product and the brands behind them. The goal is to tell you everything about the product – the material’s, care, what it replaces, why it's great, how it got to New Zealand, how it will get to you and how you can look after it and dispose of it at the end of its life cycle 🌻 A mix of local and international brands and a few branded items too🌻
A social enterprise, woman lead, existing for people + people + purpose. CaliWoods have you covered with tumblers that keep your beverages hottest for the longest, bamboo cutlery that's super light for travel, and all sorts of other reusables- made internationally but owned, managed, and delivered locally.
Eco Warehouse
Hit the 'takeaways' menu to access a vast range of reusables, each with detailed descriptions and product reviews to help you take your pick. Eco Warehouse is a family owned business who work hard to ensure you have all the options!
Be Vibrant
Based on Waiheke Island, Be Vibrant is an online platform offering so many of New Zealand's favourite reusables. They've sorted everything into a handy section labelled 'Reusable Items' which lists all sorts of useful things, just like the Stay Tray for carrying your reusable mugs.
Earth Savvy
Earth Savvy will hook you up with an actual Zero Waste Survival Kit; complete with cleaning cloth so your reusables are always spick and span. All items are ideal for camping too- foldable cutlery and all!
Bento Ninja
New Zealand's hub of stainless steel reusables: Bento Ninja guarantees long lasting reusables that can be readily recycled at the end of their lifespan (which should hopefully be never). Whatever type of reusable you're after, Bento Ninja will have it.
Green Elephant
Green Elephant have a brilliant badge system to easily identify if the reusable is New Zealand made, fair trade, handmade and built to last forever. Run by a passionate Tauranga based couple, Green Elephant are a great place to begin your reusable journey.
Oh Natural
Shop with confidence knowing that your purchase has supported a kiwi family from Christchurch, and your product is top quality. Oh Natural has an extensive range of locally and internationally made products, ranging in styles so there's often something for anyone.
The Natural Co
The perfect shop for the reuser who loves neutral tones and has a minimalistic style. The Natural Co. is run by Rebecca in Auckland- she's put together an easy to use site full of reusables like the classic KeepCup and gorgeous fabric napkins.
The Waste Free Home
The Waste Free Home have curated and made some beautiful reusable products, including reusables to help you dodge waste when you're out and about. Find straws, napkins, mugs, containers, and the classic spork!
Ethically So
This store offers products that are all naturally sustainable, reusable, locally sourced or plastic free. Ethically So are all about kind consumption and making your reusable experience easy as.
Store Eco Friendly
Deck out your bathroom, kitchen and handbag with eco-friendly alternatives at Store Eco Friendly. Developed by Nen, this store focuses on beautifully designed products with an environmentally friendly ethos. Nen is always happy to help you find the right item to suit your needs, and uses her store as a way to educate around sustainable lifestyle habits too.
In My Kitchen
Creative Sustainable Living! "Good planets are hard to find, so let's take care of this one." In My Kitchen is not simply a store of epic sustainable goodness, it's an education hub filled with ideas on how to tread more lightly on this planet. The messages are accessible, not preachy in the slightest, but full of wisdom and acknowledgement of reality.
"From the everyday essentials to the ethical essentials. When you buy a nil it comes with a story. You invest in a life of change. Consumerism is faceless. But a nil product is real, personal investment in transforming lives. Transform your everyday world into an ethical world with nil. Making it easy with nil effort to create a world that has nil harm and nil waste" - Anna