Reusable Systems

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miKuppi helps cafés and hospitality outlets provide a digital ordering platform for their customers, while helping reduce the number of disposable cups. It's a cup/app combo. Which is cheaper than pay wave at POS. Their mantra is that convenience shouldn’t cost the earth.
— Click HERE for Mi Kuppi
Building a mug circulating system in Auckland, based on community and common sense - Mugly can be reached via email. Click to connect.
— Mugly
A bicycle with a trailer of mugs, Mug Cycle is here to help your favourite Wellington cafes rid their counters of single use throwaway cups. Delivery of mugs as you need them. Stand and signage included.
— Mug Cycle
Koha Cups us a Hawkes Bay initiative aimed at reducing the number of takeaway coffee cups sent to landfill each year, by providing a FREE alternative for cafes.
— Koha Jar
Creating reusable cups & supplying reuse systems to eliminate single-use waste from major events & venues. Operating both sides of the ditch.
— Better Cup
Operating out of their home town of Queenstown, Be Chunky bring something different to the loan space: Cafes buy the cups, then loan them to customers for a $10 deposit. There's no sign up fee and no monthly fee. The only catch is that cafes must retail the Be Chunky 'keepcups' for folks who want to move from loan to own. Making money, not costing money.
— Click HERE for Be Chunky
This is the largest of their off the shelf options for a self contained, single use serviceware free workplace...This set Suits work groups up to 100 people and can result in 24,000+ disposables diverted from landfill per annum. Click HERE to connect
— Returnr Pool for Workplaces
The cool kid of the cup swap scene. No single use elements and a double-walled steel cup, created by baristas in Wanaka. The DIFFERENCE with these guys is that at a local level, they offer a full collect and wash and return service for the Wanakups, with access to loan jars and mugs too, plus option to just use the sterilisation service.
— Click HERE for Wanakup
Ready to roll! Plastic free, reusable tubs with lids to lend and loan 🌏 Click HERE to connect, discover and be involved.
— Click HERE for Reusabowl NZ
A reusable swap system from over the ditch, Huskee-Swap, utilising cups made from polypropylene and coffee husks 🌻 Click HERE to connect,
— Huskee Cup
People often ask us what we mean by scaleable reuse systems for serviceware. Click in HERE to have a look at systems operating effectively and efficiently all over the world. Services that provide all round support for hospo: delivering, collecting, sterilising and returning hardware such as cups or containers, to be reused over and over.
— International Examples
Practical solutions for practical problems. The Waiheke team are repurposing glass jars, sterilised and de-labelled, and offer them as a service to local cafes and markets. Diverting waste and creating sustainable solutions. Waste not, want not.
— Click HERE for Good To Go
Operating out of the Remakers space at Our Place, Tauranga, this is another hands on, community led approach to finding solutions to local waste issues. Repurposed glass jars are processed, sterilised and distributed to local businesses to cut waste and cost while creating empowered community engagement.
— Bop Jar Jargon
Again Again currently provide a basic fleet of cups for loans BUT something better is coming from them, including double walled products for drinks and kia, and an app to avoid any chaos at the counter....Check back in November...
— Click HERE for Again Again Co
With the CupCycling programme, the customer pay you a $5 'membership' (plus the cost of their coffee) to join the CupCycling programme and enjoy the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling cup from your cafe, or any participating cafe in the region or around New Zealand. Start up subsidies may be possible...This scheme uses single use lids.
— Click HERE for CupCycling