Straws & Utensils

Roll over or tap for more. Click to connect. For personal use, for cafes to retail, and, lower down the page, commercial cleaning rack for reusable straws and wholesalers too. 

RRP $12.50 - $22 🌻 Stainless steel or bamboo sporks (got to be one of the best words ever created), plus a full bamboo cutlery set. If you have to run and don't want to raid the kitchen cupboards; being self-contained is the way to go....
— Caliwoods Utensils
RRP $25🌻Essential for the plastic free human on the go! A sweet little pack complete with knife, spoon, fork straw (and straw cleaner) and chopsticks.
— Honey Wrap
RRP $5.95 🌻Premium food grade stainless steel, 11cm long, easy to wash, exceptional quality! This foldable spoon will tuck away perfectly into your lunch box, handbag, or even your pocket!
— Bento Ninja Foldable Spoon
RRP $19 🌻 Designed for travel, this folding cutlery set will get you anywhere- see those handy little built in bottle openers?? Comes in a lovely little pouch and measures 8.9cm when folded up.
— Earth Savvy Cutlery Set
RRP $17.95 🌻Enjoy a bamboo knife, fork and spoon in an organic cotton storage pouch. These lil beauties are finished off with food grade vegetable oil, and hand wash is recommended to keep them looking smooth and vibrant.
— Oh Natural Bamboo Cutlery Set
RRP $12.99 - $15.99 🌻 Sip on bubble tea straws or smoothie straws, and pick from a hard wooden case or soft cotton. Wholesale available for retailers.
— The Hippie Straw
RRP $7.50 🌻 Prefer bamboo? Grab a set of 6 reusable bamboo straws, 20cm long. Reuse these over and over again, but when they're worn out, they'll break down in the compost too. Handmade, supporting NZ owned business.
— Green Elephant Bamboo Straws
Designed to clean & sanitise the inside and outside of straight or bent 8 & 9mm diameter Steel Straws ~ Resistant to chemicals and maintains structural & mechanical integrity at temperatures of up to 100 degree celsius in a commercial grade dish washing unit. 🌻 Click HERE to connect
— Commercial Grade Dishwasher Straw Rack
RRP $12 - $22 🌻 Rose gold, bubble tea, smoothie, silver, straight, tall, short, cocktails 🌿 For the every day straw-sipping human on-the-go, to the retailer or the cafe who wants to switch out all in-house straws for sustainable stainless steel goodness. Wholesale available for retailers. Empower your customers to take stewardship for their drinking habits?
— CaliWoods Straws