Waste Solutions

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p.s. You won't find any compostable or eco or bio takeaway cups or containers here. We absolutely do not encourage these products as anything like a solution. We believe that they enable a throwaway culture and thatif single use is avoidable, we muct avoid it, not create businesses and infrastructures to support what is a long term, holistically unsustainable diversion. 

Econic high barrier HOME compostable packaging for coffee roasters.
— Click HERE to connect with Econic
Bay of Plenty/Auckland region 🌿 Hospo? Deal with your own kitchen waste? 🌿 Why Waste is furthering circular economics and creating community resilience by empowering individual action and minimising waste 🌿 Click to connect with Leo
— Why Waste
No packaging. No plastic. Buy bulk for best. Also, these guys only sell 'paper' products - not single use cutlery or coffee cups or straws. You are not supporting the single use industry by supporting them.
— Click HERE for Green Cane TP
Super Trash are lovely Auckland based humans who are clearing up after all of us: events, hospo, all kinds of institutions, composting to keep organic waste out of landfill, getting the rest to where it should be. They'll make it easy for you and your staff to separate waste and do good. And they have pink trucks. Click HERE to connect
— Super Trash
Keeping food in bellies and out of landfill, these guys are starting up in the Tauranga area, but reach out? They are building a network and a platform and are dedicated as heck to working with hospo to make it work for hospo.
— Click HERE for Eight Me
National - WHAT IS SHAREWASTE? ShareWaste connects people to recycle their organic waste, make more soil and grow produce. We bring together hosts (who receive organic waste) with donors (who donate their organic waste) to process kitchen scraps into new soil. Click HERE to connect
— Share Waste NZ
Wellington based. They recycle food waste into food - using bikes. They collect food scraps from homes and businesses in Wellington and take it to our urban farm. They turn that waste into useful compost, rather than filling our landfills with methane producing organic matter, Click HERE to connect...
— Kai Cycle
Auckland - Working with hospo and other businesses to 'turn landfills into land empties'. Click HERE to connect.
— Compost Couriers
Dunedin Based Doubt Not are a conscious composting collective and provide the solution for hospitality green wastage and compostable packaging in Dunedin. Click HERE to connect
— Doubt Not Composting
Canterbury/Christchurch and Timaru areas. Workplace assessments to help reduce the impact on the environment and preserve natural resources, to help you to RETHINK WASTE by providing workshops that are fun, friendly and informative with ideas for you to implement straight away. Click HERE to connect...
— Eco Educate
National - MakeSoil is a global movement and online platform where communities can make soil together. Anyone with food waste, anywhere in the world, can use MakeSoil to find Soil Makers near them or start a Soil Site themselves. Click HERE to connect
— Make Soil